Character Notes for Ruth Schröder


  • Ruth's failed attempt at motherhood has not completely crushed her sense of duty toward her daughter. She writes to Liese once every two weeks, though the tone of her letters is more formal than it is affectionate or in any way loving. Love is not a word she would have even used to describe her relationship with her late husband until after his death, and even then she was grieving the loss of a partner rather than a lover, or even a very close friend.
  • Although Ruth knows how to handle a rifle and can hit a target, she is by no means an expert when it comes to firearms and prefers that other people do the fighting for her. Things are usually less messy that way, and the years she spent traveling with her husband's entire team of hired guns at her disposal has left her with a lingering sense of entitlement when it comes to doing things for herself. She is probably fortunate that her job as a consultant allows her to give orders as well as take them.
  • The pelt that Ruth took from the skinwalker she shot and killed once belonged to snow leopard that was born somewhere in Eastern Russia. She has never worn it.
  • Ruth's extensive travels have given her a basic understanding of most Slavic languages in addition to her native German. She's still working on her English.
  • When it comes to her appearance, Ruth tries to be as professional as she is in her conduct. She dresses in well-made clothes that are kept as clean as her situation allows, and give her some freedom to express her femininity without drawing attention to herself, including blouses in neutral or dark colours, long skirts, pressed slacks, and simple dresses in black or gray when in town. Although she does not spend a lot of her stipend on perfume or make-up, it is a part of her morning routine along with bathing, which she does religiously. Her hair is worn up more often than not for practical purposes, and to show off the jewelry at her ears and throat.


  • Ruth is naturally suspicious of people with any inherent magical gifts and considers it part of her job to keep a watchful eye on Dornie's few mages.