Character Notes For Rhagfyr

Pirate Ships


The Pysgod (Fish)- Formerly owned by the Spanish mage, Diego. Captured while in the process of raiding the isle of Anglesey after propagating the take over via the spirit box. The spaniard Diego was then left upon the island, cursing the vessel as it left (although this is known to none of the people on board, but is the reason why the sea serpent hounds them).

The Sglodion (Chips)- Captured during the course of piracy off the coast of France. A serviceable and well armed vessel that’s been refitted for piratical purposes.


  • A pirate captain, Rhagfyr's flagship is harbored in Dornie and regularly ventures out on patrol through the local waters. Dockworkers may well know him and there are openings for crewmates both existing and for recruitment.
  • Rhagfyr and Carys have spent years raiding along the coast of France, Spain and Portugal. There's the potential for enemies to have been made during this time.
  • Rhagfyr is wealthy, generally enjoys the best of things and spoiling Carys. Obtaining rare items, following rumor of enchanted items, weaponry or leads on treasure are all avenues that he can easily be approached along.


  • Sailing: Rhagfyr has come along way from the idle dreams, fishing boats and his cobbled together coracle on the lake in the middle of the island. His understanding of the air gives him a natural advantage when it comes to sailing, one he has striven to reinforce by hoarding knowledge from anyone who has an opinion about matters nautical. It’s been successful too, given his rise from barely piloting a stolen ship to running a fleet of five pirate vessels. He has a tactical mind and a flair for the unpredictable that make him a terror on the open seas when it comes to ship conflict and a solid reputation as a foe to be feared.
  • Fighting: Much like his sailing, what started off as whimsy has now become a focus of day to day life. Boarding enemy vessels, fighting off rivals or sworn enemies, proving his superiority to his sometimes unruly peers. He’s adopted a style of fighting that takes advantage of his ambidexterity, with a gun in one hand and sword in the other, like he imagines pirates of old may have done with their flintlocks and cutlasses. Careful practice, and incorporation of magic to aid his movements give his style a dashing, sometimes flamboyant appearance that’s all tailored to be impressive. More than one opponent has mistaken this sense of aesthetics for a lack of true talent, and paid for it in blood. The sword is his real weapon of choice, despite the advantages of the gun. While a capable shot, he’s no marksman but able to hit a target at a reasonable range, if not always in the head. Bows, crossbows and thrown weapons have never appealed however. A longsword or daggers are where he’s most comfortable.
  • Languages: Fluent in Welsh and English, as most of the people on the island where he grew up spoke one or both, Rhagfyr has had to adapt somewhat after taking up the role of pirate. Being able to speak to the opposition and suitably mock them before demanding surrender is terribly important. Adopted crew members from foreign shores have taught him conversational French and Spanish; he’s far from fluent but can carry out basic discourse, make lewd statements, swear like a trooper and put together eloquent insults. The important bits.
  • Map reading and cartography: Another child of necessity, the life of a Pirate Captain has all sorts of unforeseen tasks that are neither enjoyable, nor fitting with how things were imagined to be. Learning to navigate via sexton, reading naval charts, planning out strategies for assaults and raids all go hand in hand. Would that he could simply roam the seas at whim and barge into any harbor of his choosing to pillage. Preparations and planning have been essential, and Rhagfyr was too proud to simply assign these tasks to someone else and have them do the work, and so chose to learn and study the methods involved until he was able (albeit very slowly and inefficiently) even draw up his own maps if necessary.
  • Subterfuge and slight of hand: Trickery is part of the pirate lifestyle, whether it’s lying and cheating at gambling while surveying potential targets or dealing with militia when trading in towns. Rhagfyr is a practiced and able liar with a keen eye for misdirection and slight of hand in order to get the better of people. It seems to be a requirement of his image, in some ways, but in others is a product of his personality and nature.
  • Accountancy: Numeracy, tallying, division of loot. Another thing that no one mentioned on the ‘Come, be a Pirate!’ commercial. While he is in no way a wizard with numbers, or any kind of mathematical prodigy, he is able - with significant effort and writing everything down - to keep accounts and logs of spoils and plunder and split them with a respected equality amongst the crew. The pay, as it were, falls squarely in his lap and he owns the responsibility of making sure that those who work and die for him get their due rewards.
  • Parkour: A mix of magic and athleticism, Rhagfyr is able to traverse terrain with astounding ease. Infusing his feet with the nature of his element, Air, he is already able to leap to great heights and tumble from the same without injury. Jumping to a low rooftop or into the rigging of a ship is all well and good, but he’s learned through the years that mobility is half the battle. Swinging, diving, scrambling and hopping from ledge to ledge, he often moves as if the whole world is his playground, laid out as an obstacle for him to run across and explore. Not only is it an essential part of ship combat, it all ties back in to that obsession with always looking good while doing anything. If you’re going to do something well, make it look effortless - that’s a critical part.


  • To be determined


  • Carys is Rhagfyr's right hand. While the First Mate, it's generally held aboard ship that if she wants something done, it will get done. While he's carefully casual about it, he is fiercely protective of her; she's capable and completely trusted, but woe betide anyone who should attempt to cause her harm. Carys means the world to him, and there is nothing he would not do for her.


Mumford and Sons - Feel the Tide

"What if I lost all I had?"

Said the stranger to his dad

And the witness was confused

He can't tell what is bad

Instead he runs up to the nearest girl

And he comments on her glorious curls

Says, "Darling come with me

I'll show you a whole new world"

But you and I now

We can be alright

Just hold on to what we know is true

You and I now

Though it's cold inside

Feel the tide turning

The Cure - Plainsong

Sometimes you make me feel

Like i'm living at the edge of the world

Like i'm living at the edge of the world

"It's just the way i smile", you said