Character Notes For Peter


Skills, Talents and Capacities

  • Scholar - Being born to privelege has its benefits. In part because of this, and because of his magic as well, Peter has spent years studying a wide variety of subjects. He is literate, and is semi-fluent in a few languages. On top of that, he has a vast acumulation of knowledge both magical and mundane, for one so young. He has a fairly keen memory which makes it easy to recall such things, and has further aided his studies. And if he doesnt know something off the top of his head, chances are he knows the book or person that might hold that knowledge, and where to locate it.
  • Woodcarving - Peter has a natural talent for carving, and often goes out into the woods to find new specimens to work with. He likes to work with pieces that hold a history, like a branch from a tree that was struck by lightening, or a piece of driftwood that washed up on the beach and is of a variety from lands far away. Over the years, he has learned to carve anything from figurines, to musical instruments (thought chiefly simple ones like flutes), though he can just as easily make more practical things like kitchen utensils or arrow shafts.
  • Musical Ear - Another of Peter's talent is music. More specifically, he has an ear for tone, and thus is rather natural at creating just the right pitch. He often is too shy to share this with anyone other then his closest friends, as he is rather self conscious about it - but it means that he is rather good at singing, playing instruments, and of course helps him when making instruments like flutes or bird calls, things where pitch and tone are very important. He has even, occassionally, shown a penchant for mimickry, able to remember the way someone's voice sound and pitch his own to match. After a few times where this landed him in hot water with his father, however, he became very careful how and when he does this.
  • Observant - Being an introvert of sorts, Peter has long ago learned the value of keeping his ears and eyes open to the world around him. It isn't just about seeing what is in front of him, or even that he has exceptional senses, be it sight, hearing, smell, etc. - that is all true enough, of course. More then that though, he picks up on details others miss, and has a keen sense of the world around him.


  • Skye Caldwell: Skye is nice. She doesn't really flaunt her magic, which Peter can somewhat understand, if not totally relate to. And she's a good listener, like him, and doesn't always need to fill the air with words, also like him. When he just wants quiet, but still wants company, Skye is the perfect person to hang out with. And of course, she's got the older sibling thing down cold, so she's got plenty of tricks and advice in that department.
  • Iona Brannigan: Peter doesn't really know this girl, though he did try to help her out recently. She returned the favor by making him blush, riding his back like a mule, and threatening to sell off a priceless book. Oh, and she kissed his cheek. He doesn't know what to make of her yet, though one thing is likely true - Iona is trouble.