Character Notes for Nikolai


  • Thievery — Nickolai's sticky fingers have done work ranging from common pickpocketing and shoplifting to burgling grand estates. He is skilled at blending in with the crowd and can take advantage of a busy marketplace easily. He is a skilled lockpick and can crack a simple safe, if given enough time.
  • Knives— Because he relies mostly on stealth, Nikolai's preferred weapon is a knife. He carries many on his person at any time, and knows the deadliest places to cut for a quick kill. He prefers small blades that are easily hidden in boots or cloak. He is also an adept knife thrower, able to hit a moving target within a twenty-foot range.
  • Guns — Nikolai is not as fond as guns, given his need for stealth. He can handle both sidearms and rifles, but does not have exceptional skill in either.
  • Hand to Hand — Nikolai is an able fighter who uses his speed and agility to his advantage. He's a ducker and a weaver, a kicker and a jabber. There's no real style to his fighting except "Whatever works." He'll jab eyes, knee groins, and elbow noses — whatever it takes to either win or get away.
  • Languages — Aside from his fluent Norwegian and Scandiromani, Nikolai speaks conversationally, with some errors, English, French and German. He can only understand and speak in all of the languages; aside from knowing how to sign his name or recognize an important word on a sign, he cannot read nor write.
  • Sailing — Nikolai knows the basics of sailing, serving as a deckhand for several voyages of a merchant ship over the course of two years. He would be able to man his own small sailboat if necessary, or could assist as crew on a larger ship.
  • Survivalism — Traveling from village to village entails living off the wilderness from time to time, and Nikolai's first twelve years of his life as a nomad in Norway have ensured he can live off the land as needed. He can fish, hunt, and find edible plants, as well as build a shelter and make fire as needed.


While he's not a mage, he has a scarf that allows him to become invisible. This only works, for some reason, if it is worn on his head; wrapping it around his hand or arm will not make any part of him invisible. Anything he can carry or wears while wearing the scarf is also invisible. Of course, both he and the objects on him are physically present, so there may be traces of their existence — someone can run into him while he's hiding; he still leaves footprints in snow; he can still be harmed. The scarf is always on his person in some form — around his neck, wrapped around a wrist, or tied to his belt.