Character Notes For Mairi Fairbairn


  • Having grown up the daughter of a farm worker, Mairi’s been exposed to farm work her whole life. She knows how to properly prepare the earth for seeds, how to plant, harvest, and the other necessary skills for plant-based farming. She is also aware of some of the more finer details that experienced farmers are familiar with: crop rotation, when to plant what type of crop, ect.
  • Not only does she know plants, Mairi is also familiar with raising livestock. She commonly tends to cows and chickens, as well as a horse or two. She’s worked with these animals long enough to know when something’s wrong and recognize what it is if it’s something she’s faced before.
  • Food is important to Mairi and considering the work she does, she needs to keep going. She tends to cook hearty food and while she doesn’t have a whole recipe-book of recipes, she knows how to make a few very good dishes and considers herself to have perfected them.
  • Without her husband, Mairi might look like a good victim to some. This isn’t true, and several have found out the hard way. She’s defended her farm and livestock from animal and man alike and she’s no stranger to defending herself if necessary. She’s got a rifle of her own, though she doesn’t particularly like to use it. She’s more likely to grab for the pitchfork.
  • Mairi’s got a naturally beautiful voice. She’s never been classically trained, but she tends to sing frequently when she’s working and she’s not shy about it. She eagerly likes to learn any new song she comes across, though she’s fond of singing Gaelic songs—even if she doesn’t actually know the language beyond the meaning of the song’s lyrics.
  • Mairi’s only had the basics of education. She can read (so long as it isn’t something big and complex) and she write at the most basic of levels, but her education has mainly fallen into the category of “trade skills”.
  • Mairi believes she's infertile, as she was married for seven years and had no children. This actually isn't true—it was her husband, Ian, who was infertile.
  • The Fairbairn Farm has two horses. Cyrano is a dark brown stallion, while Tigerlily is a light bay mare.


  • Looking for work as a farm hand? Mairi occasionally hires on help for her farmstead.
  • If you're in need of animal products or crops, the Fairbairn Farm has both. Mairi can frequently be found on her farm or in town to trade them.
  • Don't tell a lie in front of Mairi. It's a bad idea. Very bad.


  • Cas Blackburn: While she could have chosen to stab him with a pitchfork, Mairi's meeting with Cas went better after that. He helped with her animals and shared a meal with her, as well as made her realize she was sorely in need of good company. She directed him to Edmund Rowntree for a job and later he returned and gave her one of his scarves—a yellow one. He's visited a few times and she's determined to return the favor when she can. He's sweet and she appreciates the company and the friendship more than anything.
  • Jørn Wartooth: Mairi stopped a bear from stealing her pie, only to find out that the bear was not only a bear but a man. Jorn got the pie in the end thanks to Mairi's hospitality, but warned he would have to ask next time he wanted her cooking. He has good eyes so she believes he won't be a threat or cause problems, and he was nice enough after the initial scare. Mairi finds him interesting (and so does Stalwart), so future encounters will be looked forward to.
  • Jain MacCruimein: Having helped with some work on her farm, Jain swept in and knew all the right lines. He was not someone she expected nor did she expect what he gave her, but it was something else for the brief moment when she didn't think too hard. His departure quickly after told her what he didn't and left the widow feeling embarrassed and guilty. She's not exactly sure if she thinks it was worth it to feel like some kind of woman again or if she hates herself for being too much of a romantic and falling for those kinds of lines. It does not help that his name is phonetically similar to her late husband's. Stalwart has always disapproved of Jain's presence.