Character Notes for Luna Owens


  • For all that Luna is now, a lady is what her parents wished her to be. As such, she learned at a young age to embellish her own clothing with colorful thread embroidery and hand crocheted lace. When she is sober enough, this is still one of her favorite relaxing hobbies and she will spend entire afternoons in a sunny room with a needle and thread. When it suits her, she will teach others what she knows, if only because the sewing circle is one of the best places for gossip.
  • Perhaps one of the reasons why people love to hear Luna talk so much is because she has an absolutely lovely singing voice. Maddock didn’t spare any expense when it came to his precious daughter’s whims and music was one of the ones that lasted into adulthood. She is quite adept at the piano, competent at the lap harp, and enjoys showing off her voice in accompaniment to anyone that will listen.
  • Most of the peasantry in town know the local folk dances. Luna is the only one in Dornie trained in the more exotic eastern dances such as raqs sharqi or as the french call it danse du ventre. Often times she will deign to put on a performance for the locals, if only to reassert the knowledge that no one else in the village knows the art as well as she does. It also benefits her personally because for weeks afterwards men will line themselves up for a chance to visit with her.
  • Luna loves being the center of attention and when she performs live poetry readings she rivals the talent of Constance Rowntree on stage. Though she doesn’t often share the poems that she writes herself, they are quite good and could be published if anyone of note were to ever get a hold of them. For her own part, Luna is rather embarrassed of the prose and doesn’t share it readily, only for special customers that pay a little extra for a performance.
  • Both Luna’s parents run successful businesses. Until she left home, Luna had been groomed to take over both enterprises. Her own successes come in the form of selling her body and recreational herbs that she’s either found or bought from passing travelers. Should Luna ever decide to leave The Dovetail, she has enough start-up capital and knowledge, cultivated from years of watching her parents, to open her own brothel or drinkery.
  • Almost from the time she learned to walk and talk, Luna has been chatty about absolutely everything having to do with anyone. Her father enjoyed listening to the tales she heard in the market and even encouraged her to get more stories. Nowadays Luna is the foremost authority on who is who in Dornie, she knows practically everyone’s comings and goings and isn’t ashamed to pry into their business. She’s tactful enough to lend a sympathetic shoulder and an ear when people need it but the information generally comes out when the time is right. Funnily, she seems sincere enough that people actually trust her not to whisper but when Luna divulges a ‘secret’ anyone within earshot stops to listen.
  • Maddock can be credited for encouraging Luna to develop the skill of stealth. It took some time to learn and now she is as quiet as mist while wearing high heels. When she was young and willing to do whatever her father wished for a bit of candy and a pat on the head, he used her to spy on the market. When she grew a little older, it paid off for her by way of being able to sneak out of the house to meet with a boy for a scandalous time or joining a party somewhere. Nowadays it is used much as it was when she first began, to listen at windows and at the market for juicy bits of gossip.
  • Luna can identify different herbs and alcohol by smell. She knows the potency of each herb, its effects, and its value. This skill has developed because she has been one of the biggest connoisseurs in Dornie for nearly 8 years. People who are looking for substances to lose themselves with know that she is able to either provide or point them in the right direction. She will oblige such requests on the condition that she can either join in the festivities or they provide her with suitable payment (usually in the form of gossip).
  • Not many of the men that make it into the depths of Luna's bedchambers actually make it between her sheets. On the rare occasion that she does allow a man to become intimate with her, his reputation with the women of Dornie can be either be vaulted to impossible heights or dashed on the rocks… because she will talk. It's dangerous business for a man to go from a simple client to an actual lover when it comes to Luna Owens.
  • Not many of the prostitutes in the Dovetail get along with Luna, nor does she particularly care for them. She considers herself above the whores of the Dovetail even though she enjoys the scandal of being linked to it. When she first arrived, she was tutored in the trade by Slainte Skye, the mother of Beisdean. Luna was almost inconsolable when the older prostitute died because she considered the other woman something of a second mother. Nowadays she only consorts with Mariah and will barely tolerate the presence of the others.


  • Luna fancies herself a courtesan, not a prostitute, therefore she expects to be invited to escort a gentleman to any party that might happen in Dornie. Being a small town with so little to celebrate, there aren't many occasions but should the opportunity arise, she wouldn't say no.
  • Being so fashion forward, Luna embellishes all of her own clothing with embroidery and lace. She doesn't like to do this alone and does enjoy the company of other ladies to sit with her and take some tea. Of course there will be talk, there always is, and no doubt Luna will divulge the latest juicy gossip around town.
  • Anything new and exciting in and around the village is appreciated. As long as there's no physical labor involved, Luna will be there. She loves to be right in the middle of everything, good or bad (as long as the bad doesn't get her hurt).


  • Mariah Larke: Mariah has been one of Luna's closest friends since the younger woman moved to Dornie when she was 10. Although it was the brunette that embarrassed the blonde so terribly at her 13th birthday party, things seem forgiven; even if Luna doesn't forget. For now, they both work at the Dovetail… Mariah could be a little more discerning with her clientele.
  • Beisdean Skye: If you'd asked Luna about 'Baizey Skye' as a child, she would have said he's the boy she'll marry one day. He ran away when she was 13 and she hasn't heard from him since. He's a sore reminder that she's not good enough for some things… because that's what Mariah said. Luna doesn't like to think about him and won't admit to the puppy love she experienced as a young girl.
  • Cas Blackburn: A stableman Luna met while accompanying her father on a business trip. She was in a tavern getting drunk when the mad rabbit walked into her life. There are a few things that she can't stand about this man in the looks department. His nose is cuter and smaller than hers is but on the other side of the coin his teeth aren't as pretty. Regardless, he's not one she'll be welcoming into her boudoir… mostly because he's a stable boy.
  • Constance Rowntree: It might be silly to be in such fierce competition for attention as Luna is with Constance, after all the Rowntree is just a girl. Girls turn into women, though, and Luna can't be the one left in the muck when this one comes of age. When they share the same room egos clash and Luna can't help herself if she turns into a little bit of a snarky bitch. Constance asks for it.
  • Aislinn Rowntree: The local healer and wife of the horselord. She didn't come to town under the best circumstances but managed to climb the social ladder like a veritable mountaineer— not that Aislinn actually takes part in the gossip mongering of the townswomen. Her husband, Edmund, is better with her than without, something that Luna's always maintained.
  • Algernon Fogg: Hero, champion, knight in shining armor, maddening… those are only a few ways to describe how Luna feels about Mister Fogg. He doesn't like to have fun the same way she does (if at all) and she's not brazen enough to try an accidental drugging — again — but she enjoys the time that he graces her with. He's a gentleman and so very English.


  • a collage of everything Luna by Beisdean Skye's player!


  • a video made my Cas Blackburn's player for Luna Owens!