Character Notes For Leonard Hightower


  • The Veterinarian: Like his father before him, Leonard operates largely as a veterinarian; he has a building in the Northern part of Dornie, which has been outfitted into a clinic, complete with an office, exam rooms, a large surgery room, and a kennel. For any animals brought in that need space, he has a small stable in the backyard, and the doors into the rear of the building are tall enough for horses. He treats companion animals, domestics/farm animals, and familiars; he also makes a great many house-calls, which tends to be most of his business. He has few occasions or reasons to treat magical creatures, but has at least studied them both dead and alive; Leon often reasons to himself that they are little different than his regulars. On a lesser scale, he will- but is reluctant to- assist in treating people.
  • The Old Crowd: Leonard lives in his family's old home next to the office; he is far from alone, however, as he seems to have some sort of family everywhere. There are quite a lot of Hightowers scattered in and around Dornie, and the family is generally made up of hard-working, friendly people. There are black sheep, of course, as there are in any family. Leon's children live within walking distance of their old home and his clinic in the Northern Reach. He has four siblings of varying ages, and his father was one son of several children as well. Overall, the Hightowers are a socially respected Dornie family that had neither ambition nor wealth enough to pursue power- though they certainly have the numbers. (See Clans of Dornie)
  • The Fiddling Fool: He can often be found hanging around with Dornie's resident artists, actors, and musicians. On the musical side of things, he finds himself playing fiddle at the inn or a pub most weekends, at least, or when he is asked to come around and play for them- sometimes paid, sometimes as a favor. Music is how he relaxes, and it does bring him a bit closer to people in the process.





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