Character Notes for Jørn Wartooth


  • The Bodyguard: Jørn is one Edgar Ross' bodyguards, though he has been long enough with the family that he can also be seen dutifully trailing after Goneril or more often, the pair's daughter, Cordelia. Barring that, he is not above being a messenger, or even an errand boy man. In serving the family, he has worked for the other family members by extension and sometimes necessity, or even from being bidden to do so; he is also familiar with those that serve with the Rosses and Rowntrees.
  • The Helping Hand: He can be invaluable when it comes to war; Jørn sometimes will assist Duncan's militiamen with various tasks or patrols, and the men and women of the force know him at least off-hand.
  • The Fixture: Jørn does make appearances at the usual social and landmark locations in Dornie, now and again, because of his job with Edgar and the Rosses; places such as The Wandering Albatross, the Market Square, the Harbour, the Power Plant, the Factory, the Apothecary, shops of various kinds, and at rarer times, even The Dovetail.
  • The Ex-Warlord: For almost twenty years, Jørn was a mercenary man who led one of the most notoriously effective warbands in Scandinavia and Central Europe. His warband's members came and went, as did his enemies and rivals.
  • The Skinwalker: Wartooth is not only a name taken in honor of a dead warrior; Jørn is a master skinwalker, possessing the hide of a polar bear that he wears at nearly all times. He spends a great deal of his freer time in this form, mainly outside of Dornie proper.
  • The Pagan Prince: His spirituality is not a hidden part of him, though he does not broadcast it; if he knows others like him, he does not broadcast that either. Many of his rituals or spells are done in private or with those trusted with similar standpoints. Privacy is something that he mutually respects. He also has tried to familiarize himself with various Beings, including those that live in the lands surrounding Dornie, both sentient and not. What he does with this familiarity is not for others to freely know. The fact he has a cottage in the woodlands also gives off some allure, for better or for worse.


Religion & Spirituality

Polar Bear




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