Character Notes for Jain MacCruimein


Bartitsu - Throughout his childhood and teenage years, Jain was a student of Bartitsu. Padruig insisted the boy learn how to fight and be strong and in his travels he found a tutor near London for his son. A combined form of jujitsu, boxing, alpine wrestling (schwingen), and French stick fighting (savate), pupils learn to use boxing and footwork as offensive weapons while the stick and jujitsu were both used defensively. This allows the fighter to both attack and parry nearly in unison.

Riding - Jain would compare his skill on a horse to the horse master’s himself. Though he only learned when he first came to Dornie, continued practice and the help of his ability allowed him become a legend of the art quite quickly. He is often seen riding without the use of reigns, using his knees to guide the beast instead. This allows him both hands to use to fight which gives him a great advantage over his foes.

Tactics - It first started as simple survival on the road after he left his father’s home but Jain soon became quite adept at defeating forces much larger than himself. After joining the Dornie militia, his skills have grown tenfold. Given a map or even a simple verbal lay of the land and opposing forces, he can devise the best strategies to defeat an enemy. His ability can aid this skill greatly until he can overcome his foes in flawless victory. To some he will boast that, under Duncan, he is possibly the most brilliant tactician that Dornia has.

Pistols - He never held one of these weapons until after he came to Dornie. Though he still prefers his claymore in closer quarters, he will use a pistol if he needs to. He is a fair marksman, not the best Dornie has but better than the average mercenary. He is able to hit a tin can from at least twenty five meters, not excellent but more than fair enough to get the job done.

Swordplay - The one item Jain took from his father’s home aside from the clothes on his back was their family’s ancestral claymore. It was necessary, over the years, to become an expert in its use as guns and ammunition are a luxury not many have access to. The weight of the longsword makes it nearly impossible to use one handed but like many other highlanders, Jain is able to windmill it from hand to hand as a fear instilling tactic.

Survival - If Jain were lost on the moors or elsewhere in the wilds of the British Isles, he would be able to survive indefinitely. He knows the plants and berries that he can eat that aren’t poisonous and he’s passable at hunting. With the aid of his familiar, he is more than capable of bringing down a beast large enough to feed him for a long while (provided it doesn’t rot first). He can build a shelter using almost anything, from a simple lean-to to digging a pit and camouflaging it from outside invasion.

Sex - If sex was a race then Jain would win. He is the fastest ever.


Militia - Jain is a member of the Dornie militia, it is possible that he might have run into your character as either a fellow soldier or as someone of interest.

Dirty - As a member of the law force of Dornie, Jain's been known to be the man to look the other way as long as his palm is greased sufficiently. While he would never let anything pass that would harm the town, he's never had issue with an abundance of liquor, herbs, or prostitutes.

Dirty Jobs - If there's something someone really doesn't want to do, Jain will usually do it for a price. No chore is too menial.