Character Notes for Jacob Greene


Bladed weapons: He spent all his young life using them, learning moves and getting beat on by his siblings and father if he was too slow. While he can't move as nimbly as he use too, he remembers his lessons. He's not helpless.

Crossbow: With the rarity of guns, Jacob learned to shoot a crossbow. He’s found that he prefers it anyhow. It's something he still uses now. Even tho' he is crippled, he can still work one. You might come face to face with it if you try to get on his boat without announcing yourself first.

Sailing: Can't be a boat captain without knowing how a boat works. Thanks to Captain MacDonnely knows well how a boat works and can take over whatever job needs to be done. He also enjoys it and at times finds it relaxing.

Fishing: He knows where the best spots are, he can use nets and pole, as well as traps for things like crabs and lobsters. He know how to build and repair his nets and traps.

Map Reading/Navigation: Not only as a sailor, but as a soldier, it helped to know how to read a map. He can't read a book with fancy words, but he has learned enough to allow him to know what he's looking at on charts and maps. Also the use of compass and sextant to point his way.

Drinking: The man is a functioning alcoholic. It’s also in a way his hobby. The man’s liver must be a wreak, because he always has some degree of fuzziness going on.

RP Hooks

  • Grew up in Dornie, so is a fixture there of sorts.
  • Fisherman. You might get your fish from him. Or need his boat for something.
  • Former soldier. Did you work with him?
  • Does shady work. For a price he’ll smuggle things in, dump bodies into the deep water and or anything else you don’t want people to see.
  • He likes his drink.
  • He has five siblings and parents. So plenty of family. Are you one?
  • His fishing boat is known as 'The Lady'. It's large enough for a good fish haul and house a good crew, not that there is more then a couple of guys with him.
    • The main part of his crew is a rather burly dark skinned man, the really old man with a long beard and one of Greene's young nephews that showed no potential to join the guard. (No names yet)


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