Character Notes for Graziella


  • An obvious hook would be getting in touch with Graziella through her work at the Dovetail. She's a prostitute. That means she has past, present, and future clients. Are you one of her regulars? Did you spent the night with her once but she remembers you because you snored the whole rest of the night? Maybe she didn't understand what you wanted at first because her English was awful! There are many opportunities, both hilarious and not.
  • Need entertainment at a party? She just might be your gal.
  • Graziella likes to hang out with the ladies, too! Need love advice? Want to buy some perfume for your friend or lover? Graziella is a nice, surprisingly innocent young woman who goes out of her way to get along with everyone.
  • Maybe you don't like her because she's a prostitute! Or a foreigner! That's okay. She probably still likes you.


  • Herbology: Instead of keeping her head stuck in a book, Graziella spent most of her childhood outside in the garden. One of the household maids instructed her about plants and herbs and the like, and while she is no leading expert she does know a great deal about identifying and using growth found in nature at a basic level.
  • Perfumery: From her own experimentation and training from a nice old woman kind enough to share her time, Graziella has a basic knowledge - and intense curiosity for - composing perfumes from natural sources such as flowers and fruits.
  • Birds: Through her work with the aviary her father gifted her, Graziella is quite good at both identifying birds, and caring for them. She even knows how to mimic some of their sounds and songs.
  • Singing: Blessed with a naturally lovely soprano voice, Graziella has only had opportunities to improve her skill through her work at the Dovetail.
  • Dancing: This took quite a bit of practice when Graziella first arrived at the Dovetail. She spent many nights watching the other women perform before she attempted to do so herself. She is graceful, and well-trained thanks to the instruction of the more experienced women.
  • Politics (Anti-Skill): Graziella has absolutely no interest in politics, and remains happily oblivious to most of the social scheming that goes on around her. This, combined with her newness in Dornie, leads to occasionally awkward social mishaps that she must worm her way out of with a truly innocent smile.


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