Character Notes for Elvira Banes


  • They say curiosity killed the cat. As it turns out, hobs are pretty good at it, too. Though she was very young when she lost her familiar, and can't always recall what it looked like - beyond that it took the form of a calico cat - Elvira's still acutely aware of there being something missing in her life. She still wakes in a panic some nights, feeling that sense of loss again as if it were fresh, though not understanding exactly why.


  • Elvira's late husband, Byron Saxon, was responsible for the trade in and out of Cheshire and the surrounding counties, a business he inherited from his father. He was rather well-known in that part of England, and his murder was quite the scandal. The subsequent disappearance of his widow and her brother didn't help matters.


  • Arthur Banes: Arthur isn't Elvira's real brother. She was eight and he was thirteen when he joined her family. Her parents treat him as their own, and she is grateful for the presence he provides in her life as elder brother. However, being that they aren't truly siblings, there are boundaries she knows she can cross when it comes to teasing, getting her way, or shutting him up in an argument. Conversely, there are lines she knows she must never cross, because they don't share the same blood. It's a delicate balancing act between exploiting him as only a sister can, and remembering there are real dangers in doing that. After all they've been through together, she's still conflicted about how she feels about what he's convinced her to take part in. She loves him deeply, and owes him much for pulling her from the depths of her childhood depression, but he's also drawn her into dishonest dealings she'd never have dreamed of entering into without his insistence. Elvie strongly suspects that Arthur is responsible for Byron's murder, and while she's glad her husband is out of the picture, she doesn't want to know the truth. That Arthur could be capable of such brutality makes her blood run cold and keeps her awake at night.