Character Notes for Eilin Tyrsson
  • Eilin's people are known as romanifolket in Norway, and are the descendants of the first Romanies that arrived in Scandinavia during the 16th century, but have also come to include other branches of the Romani people, as well as other ethnic groups; there is safety in numbers, and the fall of civilization did not make things easier for anyone. She speaks Norwegian, Scandoromani, and English all very well, but has the misfortune of being illiterate due to the fact that reading and writing were not skill sets she needed to survive or contribute to the groups which she belonged. In spite of this, she has a great passion for language and enjoys spoken poetry, placing a great amount of importance in oral tradition.
  • Too small of stature to effectively wield heavy weapons in close combat, Eilin favours ranged ones, such as bows and spears, but is equally capable of defending herself or attacking with a knife if the situation demands. She has some, if very little, experience with firearms.
  • Not all of the traditional social customs and beliefs of the romanifolket do not sit right with Eilin, particularly hygienic practices that suggest the biological functions unique to the female body are something that should be considered impure or polluted, ideas she has shunned since the early menstrual cycles of her mid-teens. (She does, however, continue to follow a strict code of conduct when it comes to washing, whether it is her body, her clothes, or her eating utensils — this has as much to do with personal health concerns as it does habit.)