Character Notes for Isabelle d'Sadonne



Cherchez la Femme - d'Sadonne is a recurring character, a visitor and agitator rather than a resident of Dornie. When she appears, it is always to a specific purpose, and with some specific plan in mind. This means she may contact you if you're deemed of use, but if you wish to be involved in her machinations, it can usually be managed - if you're sufficiently daring.

Les Mystères Supérieur - d'Sadonne is one of the three Magi of her order, a high ranking member with considerable knowledge and influence. Individuals - magical or mundane - wishing to be felt out for recruitment by the Hermetic Order, either as proper members or retainers, should direct inquiries in her direction.

Ressentiment - The Hermetic Order is not the only organization spinning plots, nor does their spinning go unhindered by active interference from rivals, enemies, and former associates looking for payback. There are plenty of opportunities for resistance and antagonism, both native to Dornie and imported from elsewhere.

Talents and Propensities

Lingua Franca - d'Sadonne has kept most of her years in Continental Europe, the majority of these in Marsailles, on the coast of the Mediterranean. As such she has been exposed to a wide variety of languages - both of the erstwhile colonized and the erstwhile colonizer - and has attained some level of proficiency with quite a few. Her native language is French, though she is also conversant in Arabic, Italian, Spanish and English. It is habitual, however, for her to purposefully limit her fluency in order to appear harmless, a tactical effect that she often pairs with feminine performativity.

Lingua Mortis - The Hermetic practice of magic often demands knowledge of 'dead' languages, such as Latin and Greek, and even some ancient Egyptian. d'Sadonne is more or less fluent in ritual Latin, and is a fair shake with ancient Greek as well. Hieroglyphics present a greater challenge without translation aid, but she can generally identify the most common of wards and seals.

Danse Macabre - Yes, it's true that some would call d'Sadonne a necromancer, and indeed, she has raised the dead at least once in her lifetime - witness the fate of René 'le Lion' Pontillier. Her allegiance to Hecate Triformis also informs her commerce with spirits and shades, whom she calls upon for service and advice in mythic fashion. However, her attitude is neither one of dour fatalism nor stern balance; she tends towards belief in the transmigration of souls, of death as a journey as well as a great equalizer, by which the spirit may wear many bodies and play many roles in the spiraling course of its immortal existence.


Hermes - As the central patron of her Order, Hermes-Mercury is a figure of necessary reverence for d'Sadonne. She does, however, feel a genuine affinity for the traveler god whose foremost duty, it can be argued, is the shepherding of souls to the underworld.

Hecate - d'Sadonne reserves a special dedication to the underworld aspect of the virgin goddess Artemis-Diana, whose triple formed divinity has served as an object of worship for magic practitioners, particularly women, since chthonic times.