Character Notes For Cordelia Ross


  • She's a Ross and a Rowntree — A fairly ordinary girl, this is where she is exceptional. Everyone who's lived in town for any duration of time knows her by face and name at the least.
  • Medic! — She is under the tutelage of the physician Aislinn and may be on hand to treat injured characters. If she sees someone injured when she is away from work, she will do her best to assist them on her own.
  • Charity — A budding philanthropist, Cordelia will happily help out with any cause or charity that she agrees with.


  • Basic Mechanics — She doesn’t like to do it, but because her mother insisted on teaching her the basics, Cordelia can do minor repairs on automobiles, such as change a tire, give an oil change, repair brakes or install spark plugs. She’s not as good at figuring out what the problem is, however.
  • Basic Medical Skills — In the short time she has been working with Aislinn Rowntree, Cordie has picked up the most rudimentary medical skills, though she is still learning. She can give the proper first aid for the most common of traumas, and can perform basic operations such as giving stitches or sutures at the superficial level.
  • Self Defense — Given the attitude toward rape in the society, it isn’t surprising Cordie’s parents have ensured she has the basic ability to protect herself. She isn’t a strong fighter, given her small size and lack of aggressiveness, but she has been taught to capitalize on her agility and speed. She usually travels with a gun and/or a blade, and her strategy is more to get away rather than to hurt the other person. Caught unaware or cornered without a weapon, she is not going to fare well, however.
  • Education — Because her parents had the means and felt it was important, Cordelia has been educated with more comprehensive knowledge than most of her age set. She likes to read and will research topics of interest to her — within the limited scope of her resources, of course.


  • Goneril — She loves and respects her mother, though it is not always as easy of a relationship as the one she shares with her father. She knows her mother expects a lot of her, and she wants to meet Goneril's expectations, but she also wishes to achieve her own goals and ambitions, which might not always align.
  • Edgar — Her father's more easygoing nature means that she often goes to him if she's not sure her mother will agree with what she is asking. She has always adored her father, but as she grows older, she wishes sometimes he were more like Dina, who she seeks to emulate.
  • Dina and Adler — Paternal grandparents. Her grandmother is her role model. Cordie seeks to follow in Dina's footsteps, continuing and expanding further the good things she sees Dina do for the less fortunate. While she knows that her mother always has Cordelia's best interest in mind, she is likely to go to Dina for advice often because she believes that Dina has everyone's best interests in mind. She respects and loves her grandfather, though finds less in common with him than Dina.
  • Constance and Peter — People might expect that two cousins so close in age might be the best of friends, but this isn't the case for Cordie and Constance. Cordelia finds Constance frivolous and silly, and is more likely to roll her eyes at her cousin's silliness, choosing more serious activities for herself. Cordie prefers the company of Constance's brother, Peter, finding his ambition and study similar to her own interests.
  • Aislinn — As is often the case in families, the fact that Aislinn is Cordelia's relative by marriage rather than blood makes little difference to the girl. She looks up to Aislinn and strives to please her in the job she's been given as the physician's assistant.
  • Jorn — While she can remember a time before Jorn was a part of her family, it certainly seem that he's always been there — he has, for literally half of her life. She might wish for a little more freedom once in a while, and she might push her boundaries, tease him, or argue now and then, but it is because, to Cordie, Jorn is a family member — as much as anyone else in the two clans she is related to.

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  • She is often in the company of a three-year-old gray Scottish deerhound named Argyle, or really, Argyle II, who replaced his successor Argyle I.