Character Notes for Constance Rowntree


  • Constance has a natural talent for acting. While she is not always Dornie’s best actress on stage, she is highly skilled at concealing her emotions and putting on a brave face… as well as being far too good at telling lies.
  • One of Constance’s favorite pastimes is dancing. She takes great joy in it and while she’s not fantastic, she’s certainly better at it than most and her excitement tends to make up for the rest of it.
  • Constance prides herself on her impeccable penmanship.
  • As a member of one of the ruling clans of Dornie, Constance has had access to plenty of educational resources. Unfortunately, not all topics can hold Constance’s attention equally and she tends to pick and choose what she cares to remember.
  • Constance is new to the skill of flirting, but she has quickly learned how powerful a simple glance or a tiny compliment can capture attention and keep it. She's entirely innocent in her flirtations and never really takes them too seriously.


  • New to Dornie? Constance has a bad habit of pretending to be someone else when running into people new to Dornie or those who haven't met her. This can go unnoticed for a long time and often lead to very interesting situations later on.


  • Aislinn Rowntree: Constance doesn't have a mother to go to, which means there's a void in her life left lacking in terms of female role models. While Constance doesn't want to be just like Aislinn, she has a respect and admiration for the woman. She's a mother, which means if Constance has a need for something motherly, she's got someone to go to.
  • Cordelia Ross: In general, Constance finds that Cordie is a little too dull and serious most of the time. While it's a common general irritation between the two of them, she doesn't hate her cousin—mostly she just doesn't understand her. She usually lets Peter keep her company.
  • Luna Owens: Luna once served as Constance's governess after her mother died, and Constance has not exactly liked her since. While there are times that Constance thinks she might actually admire Luna, the woman does something to irritate and drive off the younger woman. Somehow, this has made a fierce competition in Constance's eyes simply because, to her, it seems like all Luna wants to do is shove her into a corner to be forgotten forever while she lets the world revolve around her. She takes it personally. She also hates Luna's jokes about the male members of her family.
  • Cas Blackburn: What was suppose to be another one of Constance's acting games turned into a surprising friendship. Cas is nice and friendly and she can talk to him. Plus he doesn't care who she really is which means she can pretend all she wants and he won't get mad. She's not entirely sure if or when she'll tell him the actual details of her life. Either way, she finds him fun. Plus they both agree that Luna's a brat which automatically endears him to her.