Character Notes for Bridget Ross
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  • Slice 'n' Dice: Bridget is good with a sword. Her father taught her from a young age and she’s definitely been keeping the skill fresh. She’s known to have fairly dangerous sparing matches, but she mostly saves it for the bad guys. she’s got a good handle on life in the militia, as well as settling into her position of semi-importance. She tries to keep clear of the politics, preferring the idea of keeping Dornie safe and sound.
  • Nautical Nauledge: She’s never been on a boat, but she is an excellent swimmer and she’s watched the sailors long enough to pick up a few things about the various jobs on a boat. At least what she can see from the docks and while ships are in port, as well as what sailors can show her on dry land.
  • Roughing It: She can live off the land and last in the wild, if she must. Sometimes she does it for fun. From hunting to finding her way by the stars to tracking through the wilderness, she’s got it down.
  • Hollow Legs: One thing you learn growing up around soldiers and hanging out with sailors, and that’s how to drink. She’s a heavyweight when it comes to the liquor and she’ll never turn down a drinking contest. A girl’s gotta live.


  • Part of the Militia. If you're part of it, or in need of some sword swinging, she's easy to find!
  • Clan Ross. Love them, hate them, she's one of them. And all that that entails. She's not politically savvy herself, but she's related to those who are.
  • Docks. She likes being near the water and chatting up the sailors.
  • Pubs. Aaaand she likes to drink. Liquid love. Mother's milk.


Mood music for Bridget RP time: Bridget Playlist


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