Character Notes For Bernadette

Hooks and Info

  • Pirate! She can be found mostly around the harbor, definitely not too far from the water. She sails on the Pysgod with Rhagfyr and Carys.
  • Mermaid! Ish! If you'd like to see a mermaid or catch the shift from one to the other, let me know, we can arrange something.
  • Rum! When she's on land, she tends to be at least a little drunk, if not flat out pickling in the liquor.
  • French! Bernadette once called France home, and is attached to things that remind her of her home so far away.
  • Birthday! February 2nd, 112 A.E.
  • I have no idea why there are so many exclamation points.


  • Fighting Words - Bernie is a fighter. In theory. From the time she was young, she was scrappy but over the years, natural tendency was honed into skilled hand-to-hand fighting. She's also good with knives, both fighting and throwing, as well as with guns and swords. When the pain of her curse isn't in play, she opts mostly for hand-to-hand, and her unique situation has made her adept at drowning squirming seamen. And punching them. And neck breaking. But the drowning is the most fun. When the pain of her curse is an issue, she leans on guns if there's the need to defend herself and those around her. She also knows how to take care of weapons and powder and how to teach the various kinds of fighting and maintenance that she knows.
  • Pirates Say Arrrrr - As a child, Bernie was taught to speak English so as to be able to communicate with her parents' foreign acquaintances. She speaks it well, if with a heavy French accent. And, of course, she's very fluent in reading, writing and speaking French.
  • Scum and Villainy - Stealing is second nature by now, be it picking pockets or looting hoards, she's good to have around. She isn't above misdirection, disguise, seduction or violence to get the job done. Whatever it takes, she'll get it done one way or the other. From manipulation to intimidation.
  • Weather Eye - She has a knack for telling the weather. Enough time spent on the road and near and on the water built upon a basis of knowledge from her tutors in Besançon, she knows how to read the clouds, the wind and the air to know what's coming.
  • Just Keep Swimming - Of course, as a mermaid her swimming is unparalleled by another human. But as herself, she's excellent in her own right. It makes little difference now, being under the curse, but were it to leave her, she would still be challenging to keep up with.


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