Character Notes For Beisdean


  • As Beisdean is a medium, he is constantly visited by spirits. These may be relatives or loved ones of your character; conversely, they might be enemies.
  • Beisdean's mother Sláinte worked for 25 years in the Dovetail and recently passed away at age 42 (perhaps a month before Beisdean's arrival). Beisdean himself lived there from the age of 2 to 14; he ran away 13 years ago. Anyone who worked there would know his mother, if not the young man himself.
  • People close to Beisdean's age will remember him from their childhood if they grew up in the town. It's hard to forget the kid who sees dead people, after all.
  • Beisdean will be in need of work and residence when he arrives. While his skillset is such that he can work at a bookshop or possibly be a teacher, some might not be that willing to hire someone who comes with as much baggage as the mage — or be keen on knowing ghosts are likely always present. His employment is up in the air, which can lead to meeting potential employers.


  • Books: Beisdean worked for nearly a decade at a small bookshop. He can repair and bind books, run a small letter press, and manage the business of a small bookstore from orders to bookkeeping to upkeep.
  • Languages: As a book clerk, Beisdean had to translate out of print books into English now and then with the help of many a dictionary. He can read and write French well, but he cannot speak it and can only understand it when spoken simply and slowly.
  • Well Read: Another side effect from years in a bookstore, Beisdean is very well read and “book smart.” A natural storyteller, he delights in the written word and will quote from the classics, when fitting, in conversation.
  • Equestrianism: Though he did little of it as a child, Beisdean was given a horse for his travels by his mentor Christopher, and he has since become an able horseman, taking much pleasure in riding. He is a bit of a daredevil, as is his horse “Iago," a mahogany-hued gelding.
  • Travel sense: Having taken off on his own and travelled far distances both on foot and horseback, Beisdean has gained knowledge of the land and living on it — much of it through trial and error. He can trap small or shoot small game, fish, set camp and cook, and has a good sense of direction and geography — more from practice than an innate ability.


  • Whether it is because it is true for all mediums or not, the folklore regarding spirits and the times they "walk" the most easiest seems to hold true for Beisdean. Three o'clock in the morning, full moons, Samhain — all of these seem to mean the spirits find Beisdean more easily, and, consequently, the more distraught and distracted Beisdean will be. He is often awakened at 3 a.m. if he risked sleep at that hour in the first place. Insomnia often plagues him, whether it is because he was kept up by spirits or because he stayed awake to keep them away.
  • When he was very small, he could not differentiate between ghosts and real people as they do not appear as transparent wisps but instead corporeal, appearing how they looked at the time of their death or just before it — this seems to vary from spirit to spirit, by its nature or perhaps its whim, and some are rather shocking in appearance. Beisdean can now tell the difference between the living and dead based on feeling rather than appearance — though the more grisly are easily identified by both.
  • He is fond of Shakespeare and may quote it (and other literature) when fitting. He has read most of the plays multiple times and has a very worn, large and heavy copy of the complete works of the playwright.
  • The other works he owns are a book of Yeats' poetry, American Psycho, and Unfamliar Spirits: Ghosts of the British Isles — the last is a bit of reluctant research material — mostly which areas to avoid in his travels.
  • His familiar, "Darklight," often perches on his shoulder; Beisdean tends to keep dried berries and meat in his pockets to feed him, but he will scamper off at will, especially if he doesn't like some of Beisdean's guests. Like Beisdean, he is mercurial in mood and can range from playful banter to aloof solitude to ornery mischief.


  • Aislinn, the physician, has treated a few of Beisdean's mishaps, and he appreciates the rare kindness she shows him, not aware that she probably understands his past and can empathize with him more than most.
  • Algernon has a nice hat. Other than that, the jury is still out.
  • Bridget was also on the fringes of society as a child. While not close, there was a shared understanding of one another's loneliness even as young as they were; now, she is more formidable and a potential ally and possible friend.
  • Cas — Perhaps it is because he didn't know the other man growing up and because Cas is in no position of authority above him, Beisdean trusts and likes the other man well enough; their affinity for trouble and being in the same wrong place at the same wrong time may bring the two from friendly acquaintances to something more like friendship.
  • Jorn's position with the Ross household is one that puts him, in Beisdean's eyes, as someone to heed, if not trust, though he finds the man likable enough.
  • Luna was among his childhood playmates, the younger girl having had a crush on him despite his oddness. The embarrassment she caused him at her 13th birthday was no more or no less than the thousand other injuries inflicted on him by any other child during his childhood, and he was less affected by it than she was. His decision to leave Dornie not long after meant that they never discussed the matter, but the incident had no bearing on his choice.
  • Jain was the first person Beisdean met on his return to Dornie, and sometimes he sees the other man as the warning sign he should have heeded. His vision — or reliving — of a murder the other man committed has made Beisdean aware of the other man's penchant for cruelty. He is afraid of the other man and doesn't trust the militia, other than Bridget, much because of him.
  • Mairi was kind enough to give him a job delivering goods, employment procured with Luna's help. He is respectful of the redheaded farmer's resilience and determination.
  • Mariah is another of those who he knew in childhood. She was one of those who had made him very aware of where he stood in the society of the youth in Dornie. Upon his return, however, the two seem to have started on clean page and she is perhaps as close of a friend as he has. The two have a mutual admiration for one another's physique that has led to playful game of sorts.


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