Character Notes for Andrew


  • First and foremost, Andrew is a teacher. Not only does he teach on behalf of Dina Ross in the schoolhouse, he also teaches others privately, be it through Dina or because they personally asked Andrew.
  • The second trait he is most known for is his quirky collection of things belonging both to the past and the present he's been collecting for half of his life. Be it cultural curiosity, a thirst for knowledge or a search for specific information, Andrew either has it or might be able to procure it. Do not confuse this with 'he knows where to get guns' or 'where to find the right people'.
  • Finally, Andrew is a self-proclaimed spiritual adviser, also referring to himself as a Christian priest. This mainly attracts two crowds - the curious and the prejudiced. Sooner or later, someone will want to punch his face just for being so obscenely different.
  • On that note, Andrew is altruistic. He helps those in need. He might help around in a forge or help someone fix up their roof. He will not help with villainous deeds, something that should go without saying, but I might as well clarify that.
  • Last, but not least, he is a mage with the ability to walk dreams. He can soothe and/or solve the cause of nightmares and help people sleep. He can repress, uncover or create new memories. He can create elaborate fake dream worlds for people to live in, a practice that proves popular with people who want a happy ending. Through dreams, he can also scour minds, finding things a person might not want to speak of in the waking world.


  • Erudition – although Andrew has poisoned his mind during a particularly sour time period in his life, he has spent his entire childhood, adolescence and the past two decades reading up as many books as he could get his hands on. Furthermore, he has walked paths both dark and light in life, helping people of varying professions, adding experience books can’t always offer. This is the main reason he is desired as a teacher or mentor.
  • Fitness – slowly but surely, abandonment of a physically straining lifestyle and the coming of age is sapping this particular trait of his. Still, having worked hard since when he was a kid and having participated in many a fight in the past, Andrew remains in a state where he could defend himself or help with physically daunting tasks. Still, he’s smart enough not to fight someone with a gun, and he’ll prefer to use speech instead of combat.
  • Charisma – while no diplomat or merchant, Andrew encounters and converses with people on a daily basis, and has for the longest while. For the past decade or so, his radiating positivity became largely responsible for his charisma, and is often the engine of both his persuasion and intimidation. The latter gains more weight when an overly positive individual is suddenly grim and dark. He is known to separate fights, sway opinions and even present his priesthood in a way that rarely leads to baseless ridicule.


Dina Ross is among the first people Andrew interacted with in the city. He is not too fond of either clans that dominate Dornie, if only because political competition often involves machinations and collateral damage. This woman, however, has proven instrumental in helping him set up in Dornie, and no matter his disposition or either Ross or Rowntree, he is genuinely grateful for her efforts. His relationship with her currently does not exceed formal rapport, though.

The Hungarian gravedigger is a bit of an odd man, and not just because of his succinct vocabulary or foreign background. He is a stout man of few words, one that is perhaps even considered intimidating by some, yet he quickly turns into a child when handed a book filled with mythical creatures. So far, he's provided wholly entertaining company; a bit of silliness and leisure, so far, rather than thought-provoking chess of opinions.

Idris Mac Lir is the barkeeper at the Wandering Albatross. Andrew isn't too sure about this one. He is a worthwhile mate to chat to over a drink, and he's often his first opportunity at a conversation in the morning. That said, Andrew doesn't agree with how Idris classifies humans and non-humans. The more he hears of what the 'keep has to say on the matter, the more he is wary of the man. One day, he'll have to sit him down and talk about the issue at length.