Character Notes for Ivan Blackmoore


  • Heir of the Blackmoore throne until a disagreement with his father saw him stationed as overseer of a remote outpost/distillery at the edge of their territory. For more on Blackmoore, see its page here.
  • Five years ago mercenaries razed his settlement and killed most of his family, including his wife and only son. They were operating on the orders of families Rowntree and Ross.
  • Few locals are aware that he is a mage. Fewer still know his actual name and station. Those that do are former residents of Blackmoore taken as slaves to work in Dornie's factories.
  • Possesses a nickel-plated Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum revolver with an 8 3/8 barrel that he is rarely seen without. It stays in a holster on his belt, along with his knife. And his truncheon.
  • Ivan's horse, "Dusty," is a looming, blackish bay gelding of friesian descent. The the robustness of his build and the thickness of his coat suggest that his lineage was deliberately muddied with nordsvensk blood, if not that of some other draft breed.
  • Has never actually been to England.


Close Combat: Short swords, knives and blunt objects are all utilized with varying degrees of adequate skill. Fogg is also apt with his fists, typically preferring to take advantage of his superior reach to put opponents down before they can tangle him up at closer range. His discipline in footwork and form is indicative of rigid military-style training.

Ranged Combat: He's familiar with the operation, maintenance and application of long and short-range firearms, with a personal preference for the accuracy and operational simplicity of revolvers and rifles. He is functional with a crossbow but prefers hot lead where it's available.

Employable: He is reliable, reserved, physically able, educated, experienced and unemployed. Not exactly a jack of all trades, he has worked with people and animals and does not shy from hard (or menial) labor. He might make a decent assistant, bodyguard or mercenary. Or some combination thereof.

Gentleman: Fogg has a taste for aged alcohol, dapper clothing, theater and fine craftsmanship. He is articulate, well-educated in etiquette and generally capable of more propriety than his station in life calls for. “Capable of,” being the key. He's usually fairly upright but not always in the right temper to entertain or to be entertained.

.44 Magnum

GENTLEMEN: Fogg is a capable actor, liar and manipulator, as necessitated by his efforts in Dornie. He can be charismatic, companionable and persuasive. He can also be casually (or aggressively) intimidating, with a poker face that falls victim only to his somewhat sensitive sense of pride. There tends to be a grating friction to his 'indifference' to being tread upon. In a related vein, he is powerfully invested in his cause to the point of giving his life over for it, for all that he is careful to avoid the kind of jam where he'd have to. Beyond that he has little left to lose and holds up well to interrogation and torture accordingly.

Tinker Tailor Soldier: A collection of smaller scale skills that mostly rely upon crude scientific training and intuition. He's likely capable of utilizing chemicals to create sketchy duplications of ink documents and picking simple locks. He is also highly attuned to detail, be it in analyzing someone's tone of voice or the arrangement of evidence around a corpse. Questioning, interrogation, pursuing leads and otherwise sneak-thieving may also fall into this category.


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