Character Notes for Adler


Business: Though he lets his son and daughter-in-law do a lot of the leg work at times, Adler still knows how to makes the deals. He doesn’t let others use his dementia as an advantage to them. They quickly learn that he’s still sharp enough.

Machinesmith: Part of him being the owner of the plant is knowing how things work and how best to fix them. This also helps in his own tinkering and experiments.

A Learned Man: He can read and he likes his books, he especially has a need for texts from the time before. He's always looking for texts that will help him in his quest to bring more power to the town. It's his obsession.

Tinkering/Invention: The man is always trying to find new ways to bring more power to his community and to make what he does have run with more efficiency.

Politics: Being a business man, it’s an easy step into politics. There is many similarities between the two. As such, he tries hard to keep up with the happenings around the region. Mainly within the area that he does his trading. Supply and Demand works here too. He can use what news he learns to his advantage.

Observant: He is a people watcher. He believe you can learn more from a man by watching them then just listening to them flapping their gums. Body and expressions will often betray a person.

Subterfuge: He has had to learn to bend the truth to his needs. You simply cannot live without it, Adler especially with way his wife’s magic works. If she doesn’t like something, he needs a way to do it behind her back. It’s worked well for him in the wooing of his wife and again with having to make deals and such that she would not approve of behind her back.

Collector: He is a collector of machinery and technical books from the time before. They fascinate him, as they are a look into what was. Not to mention a part of him hopes that each item he has might be the key to his own obsession: Efficiency and more power.


  • When he was a little boy all he wanted to do was play with the other children, not sit and learn his letters or how to read.
  • In public, Dina and Adler seem to still be affectionate to one another, but in private it’s fairly cold and unemotional.
  • More as things develop.


  • He totally runs the Hydroplant! He makes the electricity and it takes people to run it. ;) Are you a customer or a worker?
  • Got business? Are you looking to start trade with the man?
  • Family? He has it!
  • He is one of the communities leader types.


Dina - A wife he actually kinda… sort of… loved. Now there is just bitter resentment over the fact that she holds his mind hostage against him when she sees fit. Not cool at all in his book.