Turner Buchanan

Gifted, yet enigmatic toymaker. The man himself is a renowned hermit, but his toys are famous throughout the British Isles. Maybe even further! What makes his little wooden toys so special is the magic he imbues them with; they move and dance and sing without string, lever or pulley. It's a beautiful magic.

After the man's recent death, the toys stopped working and became just your average toy.


Full Name: Turner Buchanan
Age: 60
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue

Status: Deceased
Occupation: Toymaker
Origin: Born in the Canterbury, England area, but currently is rumored to live near Leeds.
Allegiance: Independant

First Seen: Mad Hatter
Last Seen: The Toymaker's Menagerie

Description: Turner is an older man, with a simple, sweet look about him. His manner is a little strange, his gestures sharp, and his speech staccatoed. Not many see this man, and it's possible that has taken its toll on his social graces.


  • The Buchanans near Canterbury in England

Portrayed by: John Lithgow


Little is known about Turner's story, but most reports agree that he had a troubled childhood that led him to leave his home and family at a young age to make it on his own. But between then and when his toys became famous at least a decade later, it is assumed he traveled until settling near Leeds. Some reports claim other locations, such as the Isle of Man or even in the south of Ireland. But wherever he is, it is clear he's a man of great creativity, magic and by this point, wealth.


He is notoriously hermity. Eccentric and odd are the kindest reports on his personality, and the worst include terms such as 'crazy' and 'nuttier than a fruitcake'. But seeing as only his assistant has seen him for many years, it's all speculation.


Turner's magic lets him move a person's consciousness out of its own body and into his own. And from there, he can trap it inside his own mind or put it in something else. He used this magic to create his famous moving toys with no one the wiser for many years.

His familiar, while it survived to the end of the man's life, had been long cut off from the mage, and suffered a bit of madness itself.