Tobin Hirsch

A nihilistic mage of German descent, Tobin Hirsch was purchased from his parents by Clan Rowntree when he was only a boy and raised alongside Helen and Marcus' sons as their companion in the hope that, when he was grown, he would prove a powerful ally and asset to the family. As an adult with the capacity to understand why he was separated from his mother and father, he instead resents them, and although he displays loyalty to Clan Rowntree on the surface — his commitment is to himself and the study of his craft.

Currently, he acts as an advisor to the Rowntree Clan and has taken on Duncan's son, Peter, as his apprentice. While attempting to discern the nature of a magical artifact he purchased from a merchant on the outskirts of Cairo several years ago, Tobin inadvertently triggered a spell that the last owner placed on it. The curse has spread up through his left arm from his hand, turning his skin black and atrophying his muscles. He is aware that, when it eventually reaches his heart, he will die, and is hastily trying to find a way to dispel the curse before it finishes him.


Full Name: Tobin Hirsch
Age: 38
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Status: Alive, cursed
Occupation: Advisor
Origin: Jeseník, Czech Republic
Allegiance: Clan Rowntree

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  • Annegret Hirsch - mother
  • Erich Hirsch - father
  • Ruth Schröder - sister

Portrayed by: Joseph Fiennes




Tobin's field of study concerns the use of what are commonly known as curses and hexes: wishes that when, magically expressed, cause some form of adversity or misfortune to befall or attach to one or more persons, a place, or an object. This is done either through the power of negative thought, using the power of the spoken word, or involving rituals. Typically, the more powerful the curse, the more elaborate and complicated it is to perform, and although Tobin has placed a few on Dornie's enemies in his time as the Rowntree's pet mage, he is much more interested in the process of removing them using his gift — not out of the goodness of his heart, but because dispelling negative energy often presents a unique challenge.

He has extensively studied the types of curses inscribed on clay tablets and accompanied by crude effigies depicting the intended target, as used by the ancient Greeks and Romans, as well as cross-cultural belief in the evil eye, a number of purportedly haunted locations in the area surrounding Dornie, long-term generational curses extending through the bloodlines of individuals or familial groups, in addition to various superstitions from around the world to gather evidence for his theory that curses do not have to be cast by mages, but can instead be unintentionally brought about by performing certain acts that Tobin believes may draw the attention of supernatural entities.

Tobin's long-term goals are to make contact with these entities for the purpose of attaining knowledge about the magical world in general, which he hopes to document in a book that he has already begun to write based on his studies. He has a borderline obsession with deities and reports of demonic possession (even if every lead he has ever followed up on has turned out to be either a rumour or undiagnosed illness masquerading as something supernatural).

His familiar spirit is named Raven's Tongue.