Sorcha Ferrier

Seamstress in Dornie, purveyor of practical and occasionally impractical clothing for the town. Widow and attempter of sobriety.


Full Name: Sorcha (Sor-Kah or Sor-Chah) Edith Ferrier
Age: 27
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown

Status: Mundane
Occupation: Seamstress - Pins & Needles
Origin: Dornie
Allegiance: Unallied, as of yet.

First Seen: Good At Pretending
Last Seen: None

Description: Dark hair, full lips, wide face and brown eyes, She’s not the youngest thing in the town of Dornie, but she’s easy enough on the eyes. Bit of pinch to her in the hips, generous in bust and nearing just shy of 5’6, Sorcha can be easily enough overlooked if you’re not looking for her or she’s buried in her work.


  • Patrick Ferrier Husband †
  • Imogene Lindsay, Mother

Portrayed by: Joy Williams


Born and raised in Dornie, Sorcha - pronounced sor-ka or Sor-chah - has always been a present fixture. Fresh Widowed and one of the towns seamstresses, the young woman has through her childhood been raised to carry on her mothers work. Sewing. Her family has been making clothes for the town since as long as she can remember and even then, her mother remembers from her own childhood.

They own a small shop in the town, residing above it, that caters to everyone making practical clothes, quilts and sometimes even the impractical clothing if individuals can afford it or barter good enough for it. An heirloom and well cared for, they have a very very very old fashioned sewing machine, the kind that is powered by your foot and not electricity and the needle only goes as fast as your feet can make it. Fancy stitches depend on how fast your hand can move the fabric. More than once, they have had it break down, and repair it as best they can. Costly it may be.

Her father passed away 6 years past, leaving just her mother, her husband and herself to carry on though it’s pretty much just her as her mother the past year has gotten sick and is only now beginning to get back into health.

She was 18 when she met her then soon to be husband, Patrick. A traveler, loner, looking for a place to stay before carrying on again. He didn’t quite carry on, not in the way that he did before. He found in Sorcha a spark that he loved and after a very brief courtship, she and he were married.

Within months, he got a job on a boat, and soon enough, she was left alone with her family to carry on with her life. Every few months he’d return to stay for a few weeks then back out again. it’s no surprise that no children have come from such a relationship though not for lack of trying.

Though her family keeps well to themselves, she’s a more social butterfly, enjoying to spend an evening in the tavern or inn, having a drink, singing it up if she’s in the mood or enjoying the out of doors. With the death of her husband in the summer of 135 though, she's attempting to become sober, after having taken to drinking heavily to cope and taken on Mariah Larke as an apprentice in the shop.


Generous to a fault, Sorcha tends to be a pretty perky joyous woman despite that she has every reason to not be. Perhaps at time overly trusting of strangers, she’s a studious woman, putting in a good days work before opting to go and play. Business is business after all. As for magic bearing individuals, she is distrustful of the more flashy users, who flaunt what they do or have a reputation of using it for nefarious or ill gotten means. She does not tolerate familiars well, nor most other magical creatures and has even on one occasion - and understandable justification - attempted to kill one. She's not so terribly fond of birds either.

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