Selene DuBois


Full Name: Selene DuBois
Age: 17
Hair: Honey color
Eyes: Light blue

Status: Alive
Occupation: Stray
Origin: Alsace-Lorraine
Allegiance: Independent

First Seen:
Last Seen:


Hardly at an imposing height, this teen aged girl stands at five feet and a bit to spare. First thing that one might notice is that mane of honry colored hair, falling to the middle of her back and a near second will be the fact that she is actually a girl, quite femininely so, with a rather buxom form. Her skin is fair and unblemished, other than a few little freckles around the bridge of her nose, her forehead is nicely tall, pleasantly curved eyebrows and her eyes are a light blue in color. Her nose is straight, gently upturned and her lips are quite generous. Her jaw is lightly defined, ending in a round chin, adding softness to her face and keeping that naive look of in-between girl and young woman. Her body is well developed, blossoming with its womanhood, showing eye catching curves and youthfulness.


Portrayed by: Rachel Hurd Wood


Selene's familiar joined her litter of kittens to stay 'under the radar' when she was about one year old but ended in a rough cloth bag being thrown in the river. This is probably the biggest, most affecting event in her life other than actually being born. That event has shaped her magic, her soul and her vision of the world. She was the third child in a family of five children, an introverted girl with a gloom and doom air surrounding her. She was unusually sad looking, suffered from recurring nightmares and things kept dying around her. Some people are green thumbs, others are just bad at treating stuff. She was taken to many doctors who found nothing wrong with her, even if at times claimed otherwise so they could be paid for 'treatments' she had no need for. She used to walk in her sleep, get lost for hours and even up to a day or two, returning with hardly a memory of anything between the last time she was last seen and the moment she returned. Being quite forgetful, she was not a very good student and education money seemed to be wasted on her. Worse is the fact she seemed to day dream a lot, so between the sleepless nights, getting lost and forgetting things, losing even more time to daydreams labeled the girl as a useless, good for nothing bum at a rather young age. Her obvious beauty was her only saving grace but that can last only so long. Her childhood is hazy at best, at some point disaster struck, there was a fire during the night, people died, she was accused of it due to her sleepwalking which made her be found outside the burning house. She is not even sure who survived, she was called names, accused and banished, or she ran away before they did anything formal, it's not that important anyway, they couldn't understand her anyway. Then again, who could? They all look like walking corpses, the world is bleak, dead, only difference between the dead and the living is that glow and the fact the living smells different, not always better mind you. Except for plants, they tend to smell nice.
These days Selene doesn't really 'DO' much for a living, drifting from place to place instead, a bit of a bum you may say, doing simple errands for food or the like. She has been attacked more than once, with varying degrees of success at defending herself, which in turn have revealed her true nature. Needless to say, people did not like her true nature, not one bit… She could hurt and even kill things she touched, she could give them a chilling pain that would paralyze their limbs, she could make their skin rot, cause terrible gangrenes, she could snuff that living glow things have, making them truly dead. It's not a fun thing to do by any mean, but sometimes it's necessary. She wanted to die so she held her breath until her heart stopped beating, but she was not dead, it was the scariest thing ever. She panicked, started breathing and beating her chest and running and falling and screaming until it started beating again. She does not glow like others, she is different, she must be cursed. Once after she was raped, there was a glow inside her, it scared her so much she killed it and then she bled more than the usual and it hurt like never before, it was the second scariest thing she did, she's forever haunted by her deed, feeling damned for doing that.
If Selene doesn't get too well with the living, it's even worse for her with the dead. For starters, they're dead. On the positive side, they don't call her names, chase her with pitchforks, attack her or whatever, but then again, rotting isn't exactly such a great thing. There's something else about dead beings, some gravity like feeling, like they are pulling her, calling out that she's one of theirs, to come and lie down with them, rot and be truly dead. They do that in her dreams too, only in her dreams they can move and shout and carry things worse than pitchforks. Her dreams make the living seem so much more wonderful than the dead, really. It's like the dead hold some kind of grudge or envy or something she'd rather not know about. It became worse, much worse after she killed that new life growing within her.


Selene has a big gaping hole inside her, a hole she can never fill, a hole waiting for someone else to step in and fill, a hole that was always there, leaving her longing for someone she never knew yet was somehow part of her. She's drifting lost in the world as unknowingly she seeks that person, the one who could fill that hole. She tries to be friendly against all odds because she still has hope that somewhere there is someone who could make her feel whole again. Even though she hopes and tries, she knows deep inside that she is tainted, damned, lost, she does not truly deserve to be happy. Then again, she's still alive with no plans of changing that for the foreseen future and nothing better to do and she's seen many people who have undeserved joy in their lives, so why not her as well?


  • Wilting touch (usually at will): It is simply a vampiric like power that sucks the life from anything she touches if she wills it so. She can kill small plants and critters (insects, anything as small as a mouse) with merely a touch. She could paralyze a limb for a short while, remove a mole or 'cure' extra hairiness by killing your skin cells, if you're willing to trade your problem for scar tissue with a serious risk of a rotting gangrene due to a prolonged touch.
  • Death sight: The world Selene sees is grim, decayed, post mortem. People look like corpses of themselves, usually dead with whatever should kill them if they continue on their current path and their fate is strong enough or sealed. So if someone is supposed to drown at the age of 80, she will probably see his corpse like that of a drowned man in his current age. If he breaks his hip and stops being a fisherman, his corpse will probably look somewhat different the next day. She can tell dead things from living ones by a soft living glow they give off. The living also smell different from the dead, though not always better, with plants being the exception.
  • Selene herself isn't exactly alive either, nor she is dead. She can hold her breath long enough for her heart to stop beating, but it's too scary (I have no pulse!!!) and getting it back is nothing simple, nor there is a guarantee she will be able to get it working if she pulls off that trick again. Yes, she cheated death, old age and probably some poisons and diseases as well. She can 'treat' herself with her wilting powers, killing off parts of herself without the grave consequences it would have on others. With time, she will learn she can also slowly regenerate dead tissue and make it 'living' again on herself.