Peter Rowntree

The boy half of a set of twins, Peter prefers keeping to himself whereas Constance would sooner take the limelight — and since the death of his mother, who suffered health problems during her pregnancy of his little sister, he has gotten a little quieter. This sort of balance between two siblings suffers upheaval due to the fact that he is the one with magical ability. Seeing himself as ordinary in looks, intelligence and sociability, Peter likes this little addition about himself more than he can express, and relishes the chance to learn from the Rowntrees' hired mage himself, Tobin Hirsch, whom he constantly seeks to impress.

He also has some tentative desires to one day join his father's militia, but finds himself stuck in the castle with his books and looking after Celia more often than not, and told he's too young and/or skinny. Still, the dream is there, and he is one for dreams.


Full Name: Peter Rowntree
Age: 16
Hair: Dirty blonde
Eyes: Blue

Status: Alive
Occupation: Student
Origin: Dornie, Scotland
Allegiance: Clan Rowntree

First Seen:
Last Seen:

Description: Peter is a youth of sixteen years, with tousled dirty blonde hair and watchful blue eyes. His is a skinny frame, and he frankly is not the most impressive of figures. His limbs are a bit overlong, and he is still clearly at that awkward phase of puberty where he is still coming into his own.


Portrayed by: Anton Yelchin


Born just six minutes ahead of his twin sister Constance, Peter has ever been the more reserved of the pair. Where Constance is outgoing and will gladly speak for their both, Peter is quite content to be quiet, watch, and listen. Though at times serious and reserved, Peter has a noble heart, and only strives to do right by his family, and his community.

Peter wasn't always quite as thoughtful and serious. As a kid, he was slightly more carefree, if not as open as Constance. The birth of his sister Celia, and the death of his mother, caused him to retreat further into himself. More so, because unbeknownst to everyone but his familiar, he foresaw his mother's death in his dreams, after a fashion. He did not know it until it was too late, did not even know that was part of his powers. And it settled a great deal of guilt on his shoulders. He has yet to forgive himself, and is convinced that if his family knew the truth, even Constance, they would never forgive him. Nevermind that he was a child at the time.

Ever since then, Peter has ever strived to hone his magic, taking up studies with Tobin Hirsch, and befriending many of the local mages in an effort to unlock the secret parts of himself, that he might never betray his family again - and, in some small way, hopefully make it up to his mother, by bringing goodness and light to Dornie.

Though still having much to learn, both of magic and of life, Peter continues to work at becoming comfortable in his own skin, and finding his place in Dornie. His goals are still jumbled in his own mind, but one thing is for sure - Peter Rowntree was born to have an effect on the people of his community. For good or ill remains to be seen, though he very much hopes it is the former.


Peter feels very deeply. He always has. He is a deeply passionate person, and one with a near-bottomless well of caring for those around him. Though often seeming quiet and closed off, he truely loves to connect with people, even though he only allows himself to do it very rarely, and only after a great amount of time and trust has been built up. He is also extremely protective of those around him, though so far he sees himself as rather helpless in that regard, and ever strives for ways to look after those who depend on him. Above all, Peter is first and foremost a dreamer, and not just in the sense of his magic. He has great imagination, and though this can oftentimes lead to trouble, he views it as his greatest strength. He can see the possabilities, and only wishes for the oppurtunity to put some of his greater dreams into practice.


Peter's power rests within the Clairvoyance sphere, but has its own unique rules and inclinations. It predominantly rests in the realm of dreams, and the easiest thing he can do is, while asleep, roam from dreaming mind to dreaming mind, and either spectate or make small changes here and there. He can also do something similar while awake, in that he can touch a sleeping person and see what they see in vivid (if often confusing) perspective. At the moment, when asleep, he can only seek out the dreams of people he knows.

When he dreams on his own, they are strange and insightful, and occasionally, will offer glimmers of his own personal future - a fact he hasn't told anyone but his familiar about, not even Constance, largely because of how it first manifested.

The final aspect of his ability is a kind of telepathy, granted to him under highly conditional circumstances. When a person is in a trance-like state or letting their mind wander, Peter can concentrate and gain a very broad and basic idea as to what they are thinking. He can also make their day dreaming more vivid, causing them to tune out completely unless something distracts them from it once more.

All of these abilities have the potential for expansion and honing, and indeed have already evolved from what he could first instinctively do. Given time, training, and will, Peter's abilities have the potential to become rather powerful. It is to that end that Peter is constantly honing and practicing his abilities, and learning all he can about magic as a whole, to better understand who he is, and his place in the world.

Peter's familiar does not have a set form, but rather prefers to be extremely fluid, taking whichever animal shape suits her current mood or whimsy. Because of this, she has become quite adept at the alteration, faster then other familiars, and it can oftentimes become quite apparent when she is upset or agitated, as she will flit through various forms faster then the human eye can track. Peter's familiar spirit's name is Heart Song, on account of the passion that sings within Peter, and that he has yet to fully tap or unlock. One day, he hopes to find a channel for that, in someone or something special, but for now it simply helps fuel and focus his magic, and his imagination.

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