Nonie Lamont

Turner's loyal assistant. Nonie is the one of the pair that is seen around. She makes deliveries, she meets with merchants, she does the shopping. Whatever the toymaker needs, she is the one to get it done.

After the man's death, Nonie disappeared and no longer makes her merchant rounds through Scotland and England. But weeks later, rumors started that there is supposedly some magical creature menagerie setting up in Ireland.


Full Name: Nonie Lamont
Age: 43
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Status: Alive, in hiding
Occupation: Assistant Unknown
Origin: Ipswich
Allegiance: Independent

First Seen: Into the Woods
Last Seen: None

Description: Nonie is a tall, shapely blonde woman with squareish features. She's strong and hearty and tends to eschew current standards of female fashion and wears what is comfortable for her to work in.


  • The Lamonts in Ispwich. This is a much pitied family, for they're known for their unending generosity, but live under a cursed of some kind. People accept their help from a bit of a distance.

Portrayed by: Robin Wright


Nonie is the daughter of a fisherman in England. Her family is rumored to be the types you can go to if you need help or food or shelter, but some thirty years ago, or so, someone leveled a curse on them and now none can sleep safely under their roof. It's assumed this curse is why their daughter left them to travel and work for Turner in his toy shop. She doesn't seem to have carried the curse with her, but many think it's just a matter of time. It isn't wise to try to fool such things. But she is happily situated in her current job and status, and doesn't seem worried the curse is going to follow her.


She's all business. Friendly and welcoming, of course, given the nature of the business, but it's clear she's the one with the brains and sense of the pair where Turner is the creativity and talent. She must be caring, at least where he is concerned, because she handles all his affairs, far more than an assistant should really bother with. But, rumor is, he needs all the help he can get.


Nonie can control the minds and actions of magical beings, even to the degree of getting them to put themselves in harm's way. Even right into death.

Her familiar has been long dead, and as a result, the woman has been cold and heartless ever since.

  • It is currently unknown if she is magical or not. Rumors seem to go both ways.