Moira Lachlan

Moira is a young woman of recent hardship. She is the only one of her family left in Dornie, her mother, father, and older sister having decided to leave the family farm for greener pastures after a band of raiders attacked their home. The raiders killed Moira's youngest sister, causing Moira to go after them, using her magic to take her vengeance. This being the last straw for the family who was already terrified of the magical Moira, they left her on the farm to fend for herself. Clearly this was not a viable option, and Moira was soon forced to look for work further into town.


Full Name: Moira Sileas Lachlan
Age: 24
Hair: Platinum blond
Eyes: Dark blue

Status: Alive and well.
Occupation: To be determined.
Origin: Born and raised in/around Dornie.
Allegiance: Unaligned

First Seen: None
Last Seen: None

Description: Moira has a presence about her. She isn't overly tall, about average at 5'7", but she holds herself with an air of confidence. With her sun-bleached, white-blond hair, and her fair, lightly freckled skin, the young woman is certainly one to stand out in a crowd. She looks taller than she is, her height in her legs, rather than her torso, making her look just a touch on the 'spindly' side. She's lithe and well toned from a life of hard labor, calluses on her hands and the occasional scar dotted here or there on her arms and legs. A thin white scar runs just under her right eye, the most obvious of the blemishes on her skin, other than the light dusting of freckles. Long, white lashes match her hair, occasionally gracing the tops of high cheek bones. They shade dark blue eyes that appear almost black in hue without the right light to illuminate the blue tones. Her waist-length hair is typically pulled away from her face, the slightly wavy strands either braided or twisted into a knot to keep it out of her face. Typically, she can be seen in simple, practical clothing befitting her status as a farmer. She tends toward wearing pants, rather than dresses or skirts, and knee-high, well-worn boots. Moira doesn't carry any weapons on her, but there is one unusual 'thing' she carries with her. A small Adder coiled around her neck like a necklace, it's green and black scales typically standing out in sharp contrast to her fair skin.


  • Father: Cullen Lachlan
  • Mother: Blair Lachlan
  • Sister: Avalbane Lachlan
  • Sister: (deceased) Fiona Lachlan

Portrayed by: Emilie de Ravin


Childhood: Moira's history is fairly common, given the current circumstances in the world she lives in. She was slightly more cut off from Dornie as a whole, her family a family of farmers on the outskirts of town, but knew well the perils of raiders. In fact, her mother was one of those raiders until they happened upon her father's farm. She elected to stay, and brought a little life to the old, dying farm. Moira ended up as the middle of three children, all sisters, and as such, a bit of a disappointment. She was the hardest worker of the three, but was always lost in the middle. Not to mention, the other four members of her family deemed it necessary to ignore her at a young age. Her familiar showed itself to her when she was a toddler, much as they tend to do, and since then, her mother and father have been wary. Her sisters, on the other hand, found it interesting, and would always ask things of Moira. The only problem was, that Moira's skills seemed to manifest themselves in more violent ways than some people's magic. When she was six, she threw a tantrum when it was time to go inside for supper. A storm had already been brewing throughout the day, and before anyone could get her to stop crying, lightning struck the gathered livestock, killing all but one of the sheep they had penned in. Since then, Moira and her familiar, Voltaic, have spent the majority of their time trying to get her abilities under control.

Moira in the only dress she owns.

Teenage years: Over the following years, Moira's life has been relatively uneventful. There was the occasional incident with electrocuted livestock, or power outages of nearby electrical equipment, but for the most part, Moira was under control. She and Voltaic spent hours practicing when they weren't working on the farm. By the time she reached the age of nineteen, Moira hadn't had an incident in two years.

Present: By the time Moira reached the age of twenty, she felt she had a 'handle' on her gift, and was doing well, working around the farm and being a generally productive member of society. Her older and younger sisters even had fiances, and the family was doing well. Or that’s how it seemed until the raiders came. The same group that her mother had belonged to, only older. Older and wiser. They killed Moira's youngest sister, and took all of the useful belongings of the farm that they could find. In a rage, Moira went after them. Her family would starve, and die without the crops and livestock they had worked so hard for. Moira's father assumes that she killed the raiders, but when she returned, she wouldn't speak of it. The young woman's family, deciding this was the last straw from the magical 'child', soon fled, searching for greener pastures and leaving Moira behind to fend for herself. She and Voltaic spent long, hard hours trying to cultivate the farm, raise the remaining livestock (a few sheep, a handful of chickens and a couple of cattle), and keep the 'business' afloat. Soon, it was glaringly obvious that they couldn't do it by themselves. Not only that, but they had waited too long to ask for help. Moira's 'teachings' from Voltaic have been neglected now for four years, hard, lonely winters eventually driving her further into town. It was recently that she found herself at Afanc Armors, discussing a job opportunity with Douglas Brown. Things weren't exactly set in stone, but now that Douglas has disappeared, and is presumed dead, Moira hopes she can find a job with Blake Esho, instead.


  • On the surface, Moira is a bit shut off. She's reserved and tends to keep to herself. She tries to be friendly, of course, not ignoring people or outright shunning them as a whole, but when she does interact, it's brief. She seems confident enough, but it's almost like she's afraid to -really- get to know anyone, her interactions superficial at best.
  • Past the cold exterior, Moira is a passionate young woman. It's a rare ocassion that she doesn't feel strongly about something or another, and she feels strongly for those people she comes to care about. Part of her 'issues' with her personality stems from her personality and her emotional reactions. She keeps herself purposefully closed off, out of the fear of harming someone. She's never harmed a -person- thank goodness, but Voltaic helps her keep things in check.
  • Much like her familiar's chosen appearance, Moira is a bit on the sneaky side. Whether because of Voltaic, or in spite of, the young woman has a tendency to manipulate others, whether intentionally or not. Perhaps it was because of her relationship with her family, but regardless, she did like to get people to do what she wanted them to. She liked to reason that it saved her some heartache in the long run.


General overview: Hellfire is what Moira's family have dubbed her abilities. So terrifying is her magic to her family that the young woman has learned to keep it to herself, over the years. She is able to influence matter, the air around her, and give it an electrical charge. This manifests in several different ways, but the way she channels this magic is similar in each instance. When Moira is practicing with her familiar, they are often heard 'whispering' a strange, hissing language between herself and Voltaic. The magic is draining, however, limited to the physics of the world around her. Often blood begins to seep from her mouth, as if she's managed to rupture something internally, and ends up so fatigued that depending on the instance, she's had to rest for days at a time. Thankfully, over the years she's learned to diminish this effect, or at least push through it.

Devil's whisper: The first magic that manifested was a spark. With concentration, Moira is able to generate a static charge over her skin, releasing it when she touches something or someone, while uttering a single word. How strong it is depends on the time she has to meditate, or concentrate. Often, her daily meditations end up with a static-discharge when she 'comes out of it'. Thus, she makes sure to do this meditation away from people or fragile things, just in case. Occasionally, an aurora forms around her head, a little like an odd, colorful halo of glowing light.

Demon's heartbeat: Moira produces an electromagnetic pulse. Much like the static-charge in its origins, the longer Moira concentrates, the more it builds up…only this is more of a physical feeling, than it is a mental one. Steepling her fingers, she creates an area in which to concentrate in the gap between her palms. A small phrase is 'whispered' in that strange, hissing tongue to bring the energy to life, hands slowly spreading apart, as if she were being particularly careful to make a soap bubble. The slower her hands move, the slower her words are, the more the pulse builds. When she 'lets go', there is often the sound of an electrical 'POP', a physical presence seeming to suddenly wash through the air with a very low, quiet hum. Anything electrical, nearby, potentially malfunctions, and occasionally, an aurora can be seen forming around her skull in a ring, a little like an odd halo, also accompanied by her eyes sparking a bright blue from their usual darker hue.

St. Elmo's fire: This is where Moira's family coined the term 'Hellfire'. When Moira was particularly upset, she used to imagine scaring her sisters when night fell, giving her quite the idea. Voltaic taught her how to write the hissing language, and often her skin became the parchment. Her fingers trace what look to be Celtic runes of some kind on her arms, for example. Eventually, the repetitive motion causes the runes to begin to glow a very light blue, a hissing whisper sending them off her skin and into the air, remaining suspended for a determined amount of time. The time is apparently determined by whatever 'word' she speaks, anywhere from five minutes, to about twenty, seems to be her limit.

Satan's Strike: This particular portion of Moira's magic takes quite a bit out of her. Often, when practicing, should anyone happen to see her, she's seen collapsed on the ground, Voltaic shifted into some sort of large, off-putting animal to protect her. Before all of that, however, she uses her body as a sort of lightning rod. Different movements and gestures create different effects, but the words are always the same, and always in that hissing language. Often, Voltaic joins in in 'his' adder form, twisting and twining along her limbs. Physical lightning channels through her hands in this strange 'dance'. It is a very imprecise art. She can direct where it starts, but where it ends up depends entirely on the path of least resistance. It's still something Moira is trying to get the hang, and typically she sticks to similar movements as with 'Demon's Heartbeat', to keep it small, and simple. By her family, she's been known to hit a tree with electricity shooting from her hands from yards away. A strange sound accompanies this aspect of her magic, tones as if from a Tesla coil sounding and variant depending on where the 'lightning' goes, how far away it is, etc.

Voltaic: Voltaic is Moira's familiar, and most often takes the form of an adder, and can usually be seen lounging around her neck. Typically, 'he' most identifies as male, since it makes Moira more comfortable. Other forms 'he' takes are usually restricted to a fox, and an owl, all of darker hues, or odd colors, as if Voltaic was trying to reinterpret the animals. Thus, Moira has requested that unless needed, he remain as an adder, to not scare anyone off. Well. More than usual.