Marcus Rowntree

Before his death at the hands of Ivan Blackmoore, Marcus Rowntree was the owner of Dornie's firearms and ammunition factory which, along with the Ross Clan's hydroelectric plant, is one of the primary reasons for the settlement's prestige and success — but Marcus was more feared than he was loved, even by his own people. Apart from the rumours that he had his older brother killed so he could inherit the factory from their father, there is the matter of what became of the Hare Clan, as well as Marcus' ruthless business practices, which included using the settlement's militia to kidnap workers for his factory, and brutally destroying any local competition.

There were few who would speak out against him.

In addition to the production of firearms and ammunition, Marcus partnered with Adler Ross to produce lead-acid batteries at his factory, as well as dynamite.


Full Name: Marcus Rowntree
Age: 68
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue

Status: Deceased
Occupation: Arms Dealer
Origin: Dornie, Scotland
Allegiance: Clan Rowntree

First Seen:
Last Seen: A Necessary End



Portrayed by: James Cosmo