Maddock Owens

Currently known as the most powerful, successful merchant in Dornie, Maddock Owens did not get there through honest measures. Hailing from Wales and traveling far, Maddock broke off from a nomadic lifestyle of thievery and looting to pursue a life in the thriving Scottish settlement Dornie. He was hired by the then prosperous Clan Hare upon his request for sponsorship, and remained a loyal tradesman and scavenger for many years, eventually gaining enough respect and responsibility to be identified as Hamish Hare's second-in-command.

However, about twenty years ago, the Clans Rowntree and Ross had a plot to get rid of the Hares due to certain political disagreements, and they decided to rope Maddock in. They offered him the wealth of Clan Hare, in power and material gain, should he cooperate with their plot. Jealous of the fact that it would be Hamish's bratling heirs to claim this inheritance and not Maddock, who had been loyal for so long, as well as inherently ambitious, Maddock did as he was asked.

They did not go back on their word. Maddock has since pledged his loyalty to the Rowntrees and lived quietly wealthy, needing only a drink in the colder evenings to swallow down his guilt.


Full Name: Maddock Owens
Age: 56
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Hazel

Status: Alive
Occupation: Merchant
Origin: Wales, United Kingdom
Allegiance: Clan Rowntree

First Seen:
Last Seen:

Narrow in the eyes and slow to smile past halfway, Maddock has a look about him that lends itself well to long-suffering judgment. It's the nose that he's known for, though — and the dour length of his face — less slender than it might have been Once Upon a Time, when his lifestyle was slightly more audacious. His hair is a coarse blend of silver and grey, lazily kept past his ears whichever way it falls, brows furrowed with familiar lines and jaw shaven only as often as he can be roused to bother.

His style of dress is much the same - quality cloth worn in comfortably where he's been too content with its service to trade it out for the latest and greatest. Evidently the fact that he can have it doesn't mean he has to.


Portrayed by: Alan Rickman


'Heard he finished off Hamish himself.

For all that Maddock rarely speaks of his origins or his rise to power in Dornie, older locals will remember his reputation as a “reformed” bandit from his earliest days within the settlement's bounds thirty odd years ago. Rumors persist about his double-cross of the Hare family as well, for all that he's endeavored to muffle out the most vocal slanderers. Beyond that, his generically British accent has a warp to it that pegs his probable point of origin as somewhere in Wales and his overall dress and manner are just roguish enough to lend some credit to persistent whispers round the marketplace.

And they wonder where she gets it…

Isibeal was a great deal younger than Maddock when they met. She still is, but it's less of a factor now that they've been together for as long as Luna's been alive and they're both past 40. She seduced him, Maddock insists to this day, and it may be the truth. Whoever started it notwithstanding, Isibeal turned out to be (unexpectedly) pregnant not long after they started seeing each other and Maddock was able to man up enough to marry her rather than risk setting back his already sketchy reputation. They were a complimentary (if somewhat odd) couple from the start and still are, as close in business dealing as they are more marital, emotional dependence.

Blackballed a man right out've the marketplace once, after he'd claimed she –

Maddock came into his wealth via betrayal of the Hares at the Rowntrees' behest when Luna was just five years old. In the two decades that followed, he spared no expense for her every fancy, encouraging education in whatever trade she happened to take a shine to on any given week. Isibeal was just as bad, if not worse, and years later they'd see their efforts rewarded by their precious daughter flouncing off to take up residence at the local brothel. Sorely betrayed and baffled besides, Maddock virtually cut off contact with the little light of his life rather than make a charade of tolerating such egregious irrationality. It was bad enough when she started batting her eyes at that spooky little bastard around the Dovetail as a child – now she lives there. And she's doing a lot more than batting her eyes at every boy who passes through.

At this rate, he'll be demanding human souls before the year's out.

More irritable and withdrawn than he was in the years prior to Luna's departure, Maddock's taken a step back out of the spotlight. He's removed himself into more of a background role, keeping tabs and making decisions on a broader scale without stalking the streets and micromanaging Dornie's marketplace the way he used to. That said, he's still very much the man to see for goods and artifacts impossible to find anywhere else and he remains devastatingly effectual when it comes to “making things happen.” The trouble is usually in managing the compensation he demands in exchange. It isn't always monetary. And he isn't well known for his sympathetic nature.


Maddock is a shrewd man, highly attuned to cause and effect more as it relates to business and hostility than he is socially aware of himself and his more personal relationships. He tries, obviously, or he wouldn't have made it the way he has with Isibeal, but is prone to becoming frustrated when he is caught rudely off guard or his expectations are not met. Mathematically inclined and adept in the art of friendly manipulation (and intimidation, from time to time), he can negotiate very well when it comes to hammering out trade agreements or smoothing over a misunderstanding, mostly owing to years of prior experience as a lying, thieving land pirate. Generally someone has to get very close or otherwise be unusually adept at reading subtle cues to see through to the truth.

Always one to stay close to his comfort zone, he's something of a homebody these days, having given up adventure for business long ago and settled comfortably into the lap of luxury that his betrayal of the Hares has allowed him. He dresses less well than he could afford to and retains some habitual shabbiness without necessarily realizing that he is shabby, or caring. His wits and his skill and his flexible morality have gotten him where he is and he knows it, seeing no need to cultivate appearances otherwise.

He has less of a sense of humor than he used to and laughs infrequently, since Luna left. He is more loving than his current treatment of Luna and rumors about his past would suggest, though – his marriage with Isibeal is genuinely affectionate despite its beginnings under slight duress. The age difference isn't much of a factor now that they're both grown adults.

Out of the public eye, he is more dramatic than he thinks he is and is prone to flouncing and bitterness and sullen drinking alone on the porch. In a related vein, although he is past his prime and decades out from his prior life as a scavenger, people who seek to take advantage of him would do well to research into his past. He is (rustily) capable in combat and rougher living – especially merciless where self-defense is concerned, given that his own hide is most precious to him of all. Certainly not above hiring the occasional mercenary to make his point for him, either, given the very active amount of attention he pays to what's going on behind his back at any given time.

Morally flexible but not outright malicious (in most cases) he endeavors to be decent without necessarily being fair. He harbors occasional pangs of guilt for some of the more awful acts he's been aligned with, as humans do, and tends to try to rationalize that he had no real choice or that the victim had it coming. Also as humans do. That said, for all that he may be slightly softer-hearted than the average Rowntree, he is capable of being outright merciless when the mood strikes or he feels he has the right.