Luna Owens

A free-spirit of Dornie, who grew up on the back of her father's relative wealth and influence, and the most she knows of how he got there is through rumours and whispers. It is exactly because of this that Luna became a most excellent gossip, and also perhaps her father's playful use of her when she was five to go and eavesdrop on farmer-talk in the markets. That was back when they got along. These days, Maddock does not approve of Luna's attraction to drink and recreational herbs, that she stays out at all hours and refuses to learn respectable craft trades as befits a woman.

Luna left home before she was twenty, and went to the Dovetail. Edme Hare was as surprised as anyone to find her at the cottage doorstep, but took her in all the same. It is at the Dovetail that Luna bothered to study and learn the trades of her peers, as well as prostitution in a safe environment, if only to take pleasure out of the scandal of it all. That said, she is beginning to grate Edme's nerves as well, by squandering too much of her earnings on drink and herbs, physical scraps with the other girls, and leaving for lengths of time without warning. A lot of her behaviours remain adolescent, even as she pushes through her twenties.

Edme's salvation came in the unlikely form of Duncan Rowntree. Though Luna may never know what sort of gift he gave the brothel when she packed her bags, she does know that there weren't many teary eyes when she stepped out the door.


Full Name: Luna Owens
Age: 26
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Status: Alive
Occupation: Prostitute
Origin: Dornie, Scotland
Allegiance: Independent

First Seen: Tall Tales
Last Seen: None

Fine flaxen hair that curls down just below her shoulder blades is perhaps one of Luna’s favorite things about herself. It is obvious that the young woman takes great pride in her appearance and this starts with perfectly coiffed hair. From there, her pale skin is free of blemish, save for two beauty marks on her left cheek that she tries not to call attention to. They don’t detract from her pink stained lips that purse or smile whenever her whims dictate. Her eyes aren’t extraordinary, save their blue color, which she compares to a stormy sea.

Standing at an average height of 5’5”, she cuts a willowy figure. She is quite thin and shies away from any activity that might produce ugly muscles. It is a matter of pride that Luna has the reputation of being soft all over and she does not wish to ruin that. As a consequence Luna is a naturally cold person and so favors being covered at all times. The only skin that shows is whatever is necessary to attract attention, usually a bit of cleavage or bare shoulders. Her numerous dresses are soft and heavy with layered skirts to the ankle and long sleeves for every season but summer. One thing they have in common is that they are always adorned in lavish embroidery and stitched with handmade lace at the cuffs.


Portrayed by: Clémence Poésy


Did you hear how Maddock Owen came into all of that wealth?
Named after the moon by her mother because of the pallor of her hair and skin, Luna was the apple of both Maddock and Isibéal’s eye. From the age of five, her earliest recollection, Luna’s family has basked in the fortune that Clan Rowntree has bestowed upon them. Maddock never spared any expense when it came to his daughter, be it for her education or any whim she might have had. To say that Luna was a little spoiled is an understatement but she was a pretty little thing, so her behaviour was often overlooked when the little girl smiled and fluttered her eyelashes.


Have you listened to little Luna? Oh the stories she tells!
Luna developed a flair for the dramatic and began reveling in the attention given to her when she had news of other people. Her little eyes would light up and with a smile on her face she would regale whomever would listen with everything that she had heard that day. This became a special time every evening when she would crawl into Maddock’s lap where he sat in front of the fire with his drink and he would ask her about her day. She would talk and giggle about everything that happened in Dornie until she finally fell asleep.

What a mean spirited thing she is… I always thought so much better of her.
When she was thirteen, Luna risked the admiration of her friends and father by becoming infatuated with a boy of much lower standing than herself. Displeased with her choices but unwilling to voice his opinion, Maddock followed Isibéal’s good example and smiled whenever Luna spoke of the boy, even allowed her to invite him to her birthday party. Isibéal thought it was marvellous and so honorable of her little girl to look past the boy’s background. Unfortunately, for all the kindness from her mother, Luna became ashamed. For the first time in her entire life, Luna was deliberately cruel when a few words to impress her friends hurt the boy she’d become so enamored with, after they were caught in a kiss. When the boy left, she was never the same.

Oh my, Luna Owens at the Dovetail! What Maddock must think and poor Isibéal.
It began with sneaking a sip here and there from Maddock’s decanter when he was out of the room. Then Luna graduated to asking to partake in a drink with him during their evening talks. Her father didn’t see the harm in indulging her with one or two mouthfuls in a glass, so he allowed it. When he caught her sneaking out of the house, smelling of herbs and local boys, he put his foot down and barred her into her room. She left through her window and landed on Edme Hare’s doorstep. For many of the village’s residents, they didn’t know who to feel more sorry for: Maddock, Isibéal, Edme, or even Luna herself.

Edme certainly has her hands full with that Luna… Did you hear her latest?
At the Dovetail, it didn’t take long for Luna to figure out that the girls who simply gave over their goods were just used and not valued. She began refusing clients and making herself more unavailable to the men who tried to spend time with her. More often she would sit in their laps and talk instead of allowing them to take off her clothing and lay in her bed. She turned it into a little bit of a game and much to Edme’s surprise, the more she refused the client’s advances, the more they wanted her. Luna began referring to herself not as a mere prostitute but a courtesan, a treasure among the stones.



Like her mother, Luna is quite vain and often flighty. She loves to hear herself talk and believes that others love to hear the dulcet tones of her voice as well. Which is yet another reason why she is such a notorious gossip. Since her father came into his wealth, Luna has been spoiled rotten, quite literally, and doesn’t seem to shy from the reputation at all. Having Isibéal for a mother didn’t hurt either, despite the claims of being selkie-kin, Luna got the best of everything and was raised to attract a higher class of fellow through fashion and beauty. She is a fancy young woman who craves the attention of others, she doesn’t care if its notoriety from a recent scandal or admiration for a rare good deed.

On the inside, she is still a child and can be hurt quite easily. When this happens, she generally becomes quite mean spirited and lashes out at the first victim that comes available to her. Unfortunately for the other girls at the Dovetail, it is usually them. When she was living with her parents it was either the servants or her mother that dealt with her hysterics.

Most of Luna’s darker personality traits come from her feelings being hurt but she is also capable of better things. Perhaps one of the reasons why her mother hasn’t completely given up hope on her daughter is that she has seen the little spark that Luna can inspire in others. Though jealous of their abilities, Luna gravitates toward people of magic for that reason, mostly because she believes that some of their fortune will rub off on her and she might find that thing she’s been missing.

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