Linnea Skovgaard

While the life of a continental ranger can be seen as a notorious point of character, there are some for whom it is a badge of honor.

Freeborn bastard child of a shield-maiden mother and a skinwalking warlord, Linnea was raised with all the trappings of a solid northerner. Though her life was marked even before she was born, condemning one's sire is impractical; her mother had once been a mercenary within his band, with the free-will to do as she wished. While her decisions have impacted her daughter ever since, the past is past, and the future is just beginning.


Full Name: Linnea Skovgaard (Wartooth)
Age: 21
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

Status: Alive
Occupation: Ranger
Origin: Rostock, Germany
Allegiance: Independent

First Seen: N/A
Last Seen:



Portrayed by: Ginnifer Goodwin


“We were young, and I had to leave the warband behind to take care of my own mother. I was a passing fancy, though he was kind to me. He seemed a good man, but would not have been able to stay and be a father. I think he would have tried if I had sent word, though I know that he would have been unhappy, to be kept from the kind of life that he was wanting. He had his men to lead.”

“It was his distance, his power, and my own fears that kept me away. I didn’t know if he had changed in the years after, or what he would do if he knew about you. So I decided not to take the chance. I’m sorry, now, that I was a coward- you’ve always wanted to know so much more. I can’t take my inaction back, but I can tell you where to start, if this is what you really want.”

Ebba’s Tale

When Linnea’s mother, Ebba Skovgaard, was young, her family attempted to outrun the shadow of Ulrik Tyrsson, along the coast into Sweden, from a little village in Norway. The warband did move elsewhere, and the family was able to have some peace for a few remaining years. Ebba was still rather young when the mercenaries returned; at the time, she was an unmarried shield-maiden who fought with the local militia. The town had incidentally angered a neighboring seat, and the latter decided that hiring muscle was the best of courses. While the band was no longer led by Tyrsson, it was now led by his apparent protege, a young man going by Jørn Wartooth. He seemed to command the men of the band as effortlessly as Tyrsson had, and even wearing the notorious white pelt of the previous warlord. They set upon Uddevalla like wraiths in the night, ransacking the buildings before putting them to the torch. Much to the amazement of the villagers, they were simply allowed to flee. There were a couple of assaults in the process of the raid; the men who perpetrated them were strung over a pine by morning. The mercenaries were under strict orders to only engage those that engaged them directly, and the young Jørn Wartooth did not stand for insubordination in his campaigns. The corpses made a distinct, jarring point.

As part of the local militia, Ebba was expected to fight the encroaches, and with abandon. She did not. Even the most noble-hearted of people can be subject to fear. She had never before been in a battle quite like the raid of Uddevalla, and it bore hard. When the morning came, she was among those few that came back to see the damage. The town itself was a loss. The people, less so. Some of them were allowed to come with the militia if they so desired. Others were made to depart. The Skovgaards were capable folk, and decided to go with the young warlord rather than take chances with the lord of the next town preparing to swarm in. He would be less forgiving than a warband. Ebba’s father and brother were able to fight, as was she. Her mother was able to provide repairs and healing, which was sometimes just as important as a sword arm.

Though it was only a few months, Ebba and Jørn grew closer over that short span of time; he was, at his emotional core, still a boy trying to come to terms with finding his place. For a time, his place was with Ebba. When her own mother became ill, she decided that it was best to leave the band- and her fling with Wartooth- behind. They were in Denmark at the time, and her mother had extended family in northern Germany. It was an easy enough choice to relocate. When Ebba found out that she was with child, it made things a little more complicated. for the sake of her family, and the sake of her lover, Ebba kept the child’s father a secret. At least, until her mother was long dead, and Linnea was old enough to start asking precocious questions, as babes often do.