Kieran McIntyre

A local boy (about 15 years old) who's family isn't very well to do, they live out on a derelict farm just outside Dornie. As a way to contribute, he started working in the munitions factory along with a few of his other family members. The rest stay on the farm to try to keep it going. He is the only member of his immediate family to have been 'blessed' with the gift of magic, though some of the more superstitious don't quite see it that way. It has manifested itself to the ability to control water, which has immensely helped both the small farm and his duties at the factory over the years. I in his downtime, Kieran enjoys going to the Albatross with his father and brother to play the fiddle and sing.


Full Name: Kieran McIntyre
Age: 15
Hair: Dark brown, almost black
Eyes: electric blue

Occupation: Factory Worker
Origin: Dornie, Scotland
Allegiance: Undecided

First Seen: None
Last Seen: None

Description: An unruly mob of dark brown, almost black hair, hangs about Kieran's face, the thick hair curling slightly in whatever way it seems to want, falling forward across his forehead, and turning slightly, and almost long enough to fall into large electric blue eyes framed by dark lashes. The sides completely cover his ears, and the back long enough to hit the collar of any shirt that he wears. The skin of his face seems paler against the darkness of his hair, a hint of discolouration beneath his eyes from the paleness of his skin. A nose close to aquiline in description rests above his pinkish lips. Not an exceptionally tall lad, Kieran stands perhaps 5'2 to 5'3 in height, and quite skinny of build.


  • Aiden McIntyre (Father)
  • Mary McIntyre (Mother)
  • _ McIntyre (Brother)
  • _ McIntyre (Brother)

Portrayed by: Asa Butterfield


Born August 4, 121 A.E., Kieran Liam McIntyre, the youngest son of Aiden McIntyre, was not the type of child that they were expecting. Aiden and Mary McIntyre ran a small once derelict farm in the outskirts of Dornie. It was a lot of work that required a lot of time just to eek out a small living. It was during the first year of his life that Uisce Balbh arrived at the McIntyre home, taking the form of a small black kitten. It did not take long for Aiden and Mary to recognize the signs as to what that meant. Out of the four children they had together, it was only Kieran that had the gift of magic. Aiden and Mary, themselves, did not possess the gift either, the only person rumoured to have had it was Aiden's great grandfather.

Aiden was not exactly a fan of Kieran's magic and that was reflected in how he treated his youngest son. While not hostile towards Kieran, Aiden was definitely distant with his youngest boy. The opposite can be said with Mary, who in a lot of ways favored Kieran about his elder siblings. He was one of three boys, the eldest was the hard worker, working the fields by day and going to the Albatross for a bit at night. The middle son was the dreamer, while Kieran took the pragmatic approach.

When he was six, he figured out on his own how to use his magic to make sure the crops got the right amount of water. He also started learning to play the fiddle and sing, playing alongside his eldest brother and his father. Life on the farm was tough, and so his eldest brother decided to begin working at the factory to begin supplying extra money to the family about the time Kieran was eight.

Five years later, Kieran would join his brother at the factory. He still practiced his magic but mostly he kept quiet about what he could do most of the time. There were those who were nervous about the type of magic he could do, and nervousness when dealing with things that can explode if improperly handled is not a good thing.


Outward personality

On the outside Kieran is calm, polite and courteous and well mannered. He very rarely acts out in any way. That's not to say he's a little drone, it's just that he tends to keep most of his outward emotions in check and will only let small hints of what he feels bubble to the surface. Sure he'll smile and laugh at a joke, but he's not the one making them as a rule, except around family or when he's around people he's very comfortable around.

Around his family, he can be outgoing and full of life. It's one of the few times that he lets his true emotions out. However, even there he's very much the obedient son and does little to rock the boat with his family as it were.

Inner Personality

On the inside Kieran's always thinking things through. He feels emotions intensely, even though he doesn't believe in letting them show on his face. The truth is that he's a very sensitive and caring person, even if he doesn't like to let on. He's the type that would do something discretely behind the scenes for someone, and not do anything that would draw attention to himself.

Most of the time he's very shy about being around people, and tends to prefer to be on the side making others look good rather than being in the limelight. Trust is something that he gives slowly and to those who prove themselves as worthy of his trust.



Kieran has the ability to control the moisture in soil, by adding or subtracting tiny amount of water at a time. It's not terribly taxing over small areas like a small vegetable patch, but over his parents fields it becomes exponentially more taxing with it completely draining him from a full rested state, even though it would only take him a few minutes to put the spell in place.

Water Generation

The ability to conjure water from thin air is pretty basic for someone attuned to water. While summoning enough water to fill a cup wouldn't be that taxing. Filling a bathtub would be like running a mile for him, taxing but not impossible to do. He's able to control the temperature of the water that he generates. Making it hot enough for bathing, or cold almost to the point of ice.

Water redirection

This is perhaps the most trying of his abilities. He's capable of redirecting water but it's difficult and never large quantities. He could make the water in a bucket of water move and climb out of the bucket and move towards where he wants but it requires a lot of energy from him. A horse trough of water would be the limit of what he could move, and that would wear him out as if he sprinted for a long while.

Uisce Balbh

Uisce Balbh is Kieran's familiar. Uisce Balbh's favored form is that of a small black cat, with light blue eyes. However, sometimes he will take on the form of raven for flying.