Josefina Susana Noéme

Josefina is a Portuguese native whose family was apprehended by Lucien Bassingthwaighte's crew and brought to Dornie where they were sold as slaves when she was still a child. She and her mother had the good fortune of being purchased by Isibéal Owens, who put them to work as maids at the Wandering Albatross. In the years since, Isibéal has given them both their freedom and appointed Josefina's mother, Ana, the Head Housekeeper at the inn, though Josefina herself yearns for something more. Her skill with the sewing needle has Ana encouraging to approach Sorcha Ferrier about an apprenticeship even if that isn't what her daughter wants.


Full Name: Josefina Susana Noéme
Age: 22
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown

Status: Alive
Occupation: Maid
Origin: Nazaré, Portugal
Allegiance: Independent

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  • Ana Noéme - mother
  • Joaquim Noéme † - father
  • Jaime Noéme - older brother
  • Rosa Noéme † - younger sister
  • Helena Noéme † - younger sister

Portrayed by: Nina Dobrev


Josefina Noéme was born in the small, seaside village of Nazaré, Portugal, where her father owned a prosperous fishing business with dozens of boats and their captains under his command. The Noéme family's wealth afforded Josefina and her siblings a privileged childhood in comparison to the other youths in Nazaré — they had their own rooms, a governess, and private tutors to educate them in the subjects of reading, writing, and arithmetic. By the age of seven, Josefina displayed a startling degree of intelligence and willfulness for a girl of her age, and her parents conspired to marry her off to another wealthy family in another village further up the coast. She was promised to a boy several years her senior, but before either of the children could come of age, Nazaré was visited by Lucien Bassingthwaighte of Dornie and his crew.

Josefina's father, Joachim, was initially mistrustful of the foreigner and recommended to the other leaders of Nazaré's community that they keep a close eye on Bassingthwaighte for the duration of his stay. Joachim's concerns turned out to be justified; a few days after his arrival, Bassingthwaighte's crew laid siege to Nazaré, and although the village's men were armed with knives and swords, their steel was no match for the Scotsmen's guns. Thanks to Joachim's warning, most of the village was able to flee to safety during the initial fighting, but the Noéme family was not among them despite his best efforts. Josefina and her younger sisters were locked in a closet by the governess in an attempt to save them, and watched through the door slats as she was raped and murdered by the pillagers. It is possible that Josefina, fourteen at the time, might have met a similar fate if Bassingthwaighte himself hadn't been the one to find the children's hiding place.

A rare moment of ruefulness.

and her family found themselves on Bassingthwaighte's boat, and when attempts to ransom them to the family of Josefina's intended failed, Bassingthwaighte decided to take them back to Dornie along with the other prisoners. During the voyage, Josefina's younger sisters — twins Rosa and Helena — contracted the flu and succumbed to dehydration. Despite their mother's pleas to keep their bodies below deck in order to give them a proper burial upon arrival to Scotland, their bodies were pitched overboard for the safety of the boat's other passengers. In Dornie, the family was split apart; Josefina and her mother, Ana, were purchased by Isibéal Owens to work at the Wandering Albatross, while her father and older brother, Jaime, were put to work on the docks.

Thanks to Dina Ross' schoolhouse, Josefina was able to continue her studies. She and her mother were freed by Isibéal but, with nowhere else to go, opted to remain employed by the Owens family, hoping to earn enough to purchase the Joachim and Jaime's freedom as well. When Josefina was eighteen, Joachim was killed in a boating accident while at sea, and as it was with Rosa and Helena, the Noéme had no body to bury.

Josefina's life has been fairly constant since, though her beauty makes her one of Dornie's most desirable young women, and much to her mother's chagrin she has turned down several marriage proposals and an offer of employment from Madame Edme at the Dovetail. She is at a point in her life where she is trying to decide what she wants to do with the rest of it, but all she's certain of is that she doesn't want to grow old working for someone else.


When the family of her betrothed refused to pay Lucien Bassingthwaighte's ransom, Josefina decided that she could not rely on anyone except for her parents and her older brother, Jaime. This is a promise that she's kept over the years by keeping most people at arm's length; although she has many friends, there are few who she really trusts, and fewer still who she's comfortable opening up to. As a child and a teen, she was teased mercilessly by other youths about her looks, but grew into them as a young adult — she is widely considered one of the prettiest girls in Dornie… and also one of the least available, spawning rumours started by spurned suitors that she's more interested in women than she is in men.

That may be true. Or it may not.

When she was attending Dina Ross' schoolhouse, the teachers employed by the Ross family recognized her as a bright pupil and encouraged her to independently continue her studies, but Josefina's indecision and general lack of direction have been holding her back in this respect (though she remains a voracious reader and writer of her own adventure stories in both Portuguese and English to be shared with her mother, Isibéal, and her closest friends).

Stubbornness and a blunt manner of speaking are Josefina's biggest weaknesses. She does not particularly care who she offends when she talks, which has gotten her into trouble on more than one occasion, but she also does not intend to be unkind — Josefina simply says things how she sees them.