Isibéal Owens

Isibéal Owens is the proprietor of the Wandering Albatross, a pub that doubles as an inn on Dornie's waterfront. She has a fondness for young men (especially sailors), and goes out of her way to make sure those who stay at her establishment are well-fed and comfortable. Fortunately for her marriage, there is nothing sexual about Isibéal's infatuation — she only wishes she'd been able to have a son in addition to her daughter, Luna, and enjoys playing their mother while they stay with her.

She likes to boast that her grandmother was a selkie, partly because she's a very vain, very proud woman who thrives on attention, but also because it's good for business. People will stop over in Dornie just to say they've shared a drink with the descendant of a seal woman and slept in her bed (even if that's bending the truth).


Full Name: Isibéal Owens (née Black)
Age: 43
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green

Status: Alive
Occupation: Innkeeper
Origin: Dornie, Scotland
Allegiance: Independent

First Seen:
Last Seen:



  • Maddock Owens - husband
  • Luna Owens - daughter
  • Lorna Black - mother
  • Roderick Black † - father
  • Oighrig Black † - grandmother

Portrayed by: Tilda Swinton




Isibéal's grandmother was a selkie, and although she cannot turn into a seal, Isibéal can communicate with them, and will — for a fee — divulge where the best fishing spots are to those who ask. She can also understand the meaning behind the songs of whales and detect changing patterns in the weather long before normal people can, allowing her to know when it's going to rain, or how bad a storm is going to be once she senses it coming.

Her father sold her grandmother's skin when Isibéal was still a child. It is possible that, if Isibéal were to recover it, she might be able to make the transformation between woman and seal, but only her grandmother's skin will work — she knows because she's tried it with others.

She has Maddock looking.