Iona Brannigan

The outcast bastard of brothel woman and one of her Ross callers. She is a quick shadow that feeds off of those not wary enough to swallow their goods to keep them close. A young Robin Hood in the making, but perhaps not as infamous.


Full Name: Iona Rosell Brannogan
Age: 17
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Dark Brown

Status: status
Occupation: Misfit/Outcast
Origin: Dornie
Allegiance: Independent

First Seen: Dornie
Last Seen: —

Description: Pixie like features are dusted with a soft dappling of freckles. Her dark eyes stand out beneath her strawberry blonde hair that is run with pale highlights all the way down to her mid-back. A few worn and broken strands curl around her temples and cheek. Her lips are full, a heart shaped mauve that gives her something of an impish youthful look if it were not for the age that her gaze holds. Her slender frame is toned, sleek, ready for movement and show the soft curves of her gender. There is a slight curve to her ears that make her seem elfin.


  • Cleothild 'Cleo' Brannigan — Mother - Brothelworker
  • Brannon Ross — Father — unacknowledged
  • Most likely some of the other children from the brothels.

Portrayed by: Alison Lohman


An unacknowledged daughter of Brannon Ross and the prostitue, Cleo Brannigan, Alison is an only child in the sense that she is the only product of the two's pairing. She grew up in the sheltering walls of the Brothel. This gave her the advantage of learning quickly how men can treat women and how best to manipulate them. Many times her mother had little to give and Iona had to substitute - she hit a learning curve.

The years were rough, but she managed to get by without a scrape - thus far.

What little more can be said about a misfit and outcast amongst the several thousands of other survivors trying to eke a living off the land other than she often ekes off of what they produce - as quietly and unassuming as she can. Currently she spends the nights where she can find cover, or when the going gets tough and her mother does not have a man in her room, she will sleep in a corner where some of the more beautiful garments are and exotic perfumes.

She moves about to keep others from getting too familiar with her but most would know her if they saw her again. She is always about, always in the market on a perch or in a shadow trying to find the next easy target.


Pragmatic, perhaps jaded with a healthy smattering of naivety, Iona can often come off as aloof and distant. She's sharp tongued and doesn't keep company very often. Her loner like tendencies and sarcasm are only softened by the fact she would die for those she cares for. She takes a lot of things, often for herself but will give up more should those around her apparently need it more than she. A regular robin hood but with a darker secret and far to venomous bite. But despite all this, she tends to be just like any other youth, ambitious, gregarious and can sometimes bond rather seamlessly when the time calls for it.


Iona rarely uses her gift and neither does she seek to learn more about it. What she knows, suits her just fine. Her ability ranges over that of death and its associates of disease and strife. Her touch, if willed can bring a wasting to the person in contact with. Depending on her will and emotions, this can progress swiftly or slow itself to something of a more painful and drawn out effects. Once she has employed it, only she can release the afflicted from the magic she weaves. It is not something she advertises or ever has had to use on anyone though some poor animals or plants have felt the unexpected effects.

Deeper still, buried with her is the ability she has yet to acknowledge or use. She likely would balk at realizing she could accomplish such a task. Her touch can be an instant release from life, stealing the last breath as painlessly as one could hope to find at the nd of their existence. Whether she realizes she can procure this result or not is not known. If she does, she hides it well.

The fact of the matter is she has little time to ponder over magic or otherwise find someone willing to help her expand in the area. Her affinity would like make her more of an outcast if people were to find out she were a necromancer so she keeps it to herself.

Her only true friend is her familiar, a quick and quiet spirit who often helps keep her out of harms way who has thusly been dubbed 'Quickstitch'. The fond and loving companion is often in the form of some bird or another, usually that of a bluejay or cardinal. Bandits both, just like Iona.