Idris Mac Lir


Full Name: Idris Mac Lir
Age: 24
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown

Status: Alive
Occupation: Server at The Wandering Albatross/Mediator/Oath Mage
Origin: Shackshore, Scotland
Allegiance: Undecided

First Seen: A Barkeep and Two Teachers
Last Seen: None.

Description: Idris has black hair, unruly more from lack of care than from natural growth. He usually has some facial hair, but it's more through lack of shaving than thought. The right side of his face is different from his left, with obvious creases under his dark brown eye. He's kinda short, and rather thin, if a bit muscular. He usually wears practical, close-fitting clothing, and when outside, often wears a forest-camoflauge cloak. His familiar usually perches or crawls over his body, in various forms.


Portrayed by: Sebastian Armesto


Idris was found as a naked baby lying on the rocky beach near Shackshore. He was adopted by a farmer/fisherman/hunter - the land not being particularly arable, one had to find food where one could.

Despite growing up inside the culture, as he grew to know his ability with oaths, people began to fear him a little, and he began to treat social rules more casually - after all he could always make up new rules. He was regarded as perhaps more than a mage, perhaps nonhuman, and ended up living on the outskirts of town, often hunting for days at a time with his familiar.

Then the village was burnt down, and he was taken to Dornie, where he explained his first magical ability - the one to fufill oaths. Without his own farmland, he couldn't farm, and he's a bit new to be letting go off on long hunting trips, so he was offered a job at The Wandering Albatross.


Idris is cautious, and will often hedge his bets, taking the path that leaves his options the most open. He will sometimes rush straight into an activity with all his will, only to decide it's the wrong one, and wander off again. He will act nonviolently, at first, when dealing with humans, and strive for diplomacy. If he decides that he can only get out of a situation with violence, however, he hesitates from caution, not empathy.

Idris is not entirely sure he is human - perhaps mages are an entirely seperate species, or perhaps he's different even from them. However, he tends to treat mages more as equals, potential lovers, friends, or rivals. Humans trying to pick a fight with him he will think of as a dog trying to pick a fight with him, even if their social power is great.

He is attracted to magic, and the extremes of both constancy and inconstancy in personality. He'll tend to roll his eyes at other mages taking humans too seriously, though - like they're a friend who thinks dogs are people. Same with those who take the rules of the humans, rather than their own rules, too seriously.

That being said, he's quite kind and physically affectionate to humans, even if he ignores appropriate social boundaries with them - unless they're trying to bite them, but even then, he'll hold back, on the grounds that he's pretty sure he could destroy them easily and they aren't fully responsible for their actions. A human that doesn't follow social rules intrigues him, but also makes him wary of them.

Despite all this, he's not unaware of social rules - he just doesn't care, unless the cost is going to be great. He looks on it as an outsider, and sometimes that's not a bad thing, in a mediator.


I. Laying of Hands
The first aspect of Oath Magic is that when holding Idris' hands, with full knowledge that he has the power to make oaths consequences binding, and uttering an oath with a specific harmful consequence that would befall the oathmaker, the universe will unfailingly make that consequence happen to them if they break that oath, as immediately as it can. If it is impossible to carry out literally, it may cause something as nasty or nastier in a poetic meaning or non-obvious way. 'May I be set upon by lions' when there's no lions in two hundred miles? Perhaps it will be by people of a clan who have a lion as a symbol. And so forth.

One can not vow these harmful consequences on others, or swear oaths for others.

If the oath does not work, because the oathmaker does not have full knowledge of this power, or the oathmaker swears something that is beyond their own consequence(swearing that all their children will die or all their crops will wither), or something without consequence, they are hurled back from Idris by a powerful force. If the oath is sworn successfully, both Idris and the oathmaker will have a sensation of invisible weight settling over them momentarily.

The oaths are fufilled to the letter, not the spirit, although if the letter has multiple meanings, they are all equally binding - if you say you won't stab someone in the back, you can't stab them in the back literally or metaphorically, but you could still challenge them to a duel, for example.

This works even if Idris is asleep or unwilling - he is a channel for this process, not it's maker. It works after his death, until the next full moon arises - after that, his corpse loses it's power.

However, even should he die, the oaths set by this power are enforced by the universe, forever. There is no way to break them without the consequence happening.

II. Idris' Oath
The second aspect of Oath Magic, is that when Idris makes an oath, he becomes physically empowered to fufill the oath, and unable to act otherwise.

When acting on an oath, his physical abilities are increased in every way neccessary to fufill the oath, to the very limits of humanity, and he acts without hesitation. This increase in physical abilities is tiring, once he is finished, but until he is, only death will stop him from trying to carry it out, and he can not fall asleep or unconcious, even if it carries him beyond his human limits. It is not unsimilar to a berserker state, in some ways.

He is thus very careful about the oaths he swears.

III. Familiar
His familiar has a thousand names, and changes forms often and openly.