Hywel Jeffreys


Full Name: Hywel Jeffreys
Age: 24
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Hazel

Status: Alive
Occupation: Spinner and Weaver
Origin: Cardiff, Wales
Allegiance: Independent

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Hywel is a young man of 24 years, though by his appearance seems barely out of his teens. He has a youthful look to him; almost 'innocent', really, despite the surroundings. Dark blond hair falls in layers to the nape of his neck, a little shaggy and uneven from having been cut by an unpracticed hand, with short bangs concealing his brow. Hazel eyes stare out from underneath them, and further along downward is a narrow, vaguely hooked nose and a set of lips where lips are generally found. His complexion is a bit on the 'average' side; not tanned from outside work, but neither so pale as to be unsettling.

With the weather on the chillier side, Hywel naturally dresses in layers. Pants are standard cotton, though he likely wears long underwear underneath on colder days. Likewise on his feet he wears leather boots. Over the torso is a long-sleeved, laced henley, and outside a wool peacoat is worn over that. He'll generally wear a knit or fur hat atop his dome, and similarly either knit or fur-lined gloves on his hands, depending on the day. Likewise, if it is especially cold, a wool scarf keeps the wind off his neck and chest, completing the outfit quite handsomely.


  • Dafydd Jeffreys † - Father
  • Katherine Jeffreys † - Mother

Portrayed by: Benjamin Stone


Used to live in Wales, lives in Dornie now, I DON'T ANSWER TO YOU


He's kind of odd but mostly harmless. I'll do this later when I'm not at work. :X