Heathcliff Hyde

Heathcliff Hyde's been a lawless fixture in and about Dornie for something like a decade and spends most of his time riding around going bump in the night. His name is well-known throughout the settlement and alternately dreaded or despised; he's a thorn in many a legitimate business owner's side.

It's known that he worked in the munitions factory as a boy after his caravan was assimilated and that he was eventually cast out for stealing scrap.

Nowadays he's mostly known for breaking fingers, making good on threats and collecting debts real or imagined. He's on several payrolls he shouldn't be to maintain order where order's worth maintaining and to foster discord where it isn't. Occasionally accompanied by muscle, but it's rare for someone to bow up to him even when he isn't. His reputation precedes him.


Full Name: Heathcliff Hyde
Age: 32
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel

Status: Eligible
Occupation: Criminal
Origin: The Road
Allegiance: Independent

First Seen: None
Last Seen: None

Description: 5'7”, long in the face and dead about the eyes, there's a Rattus norvegicus quality to Hyde's overall countenance that's further insinuated by the slope of his shoulders and his underwhelming stature. The unkempt rough of his hair is chopped short and often stiff with grime – a similar absence of fucks given for the variably sorry state of his scruff. His hair is brown (probably) and his eyes are a murky blend of pond scum and amber that shows gold in the right kind of light.

Which he rarely sees.

His clothing is typically shabby and worn a size or two too large and his boots are set wide apart, thick treads lending back what his slouch squanders. He tends to swagger a bit when he walks and keeps his hands in his pockets wherever confrontation seems likely.


  • Jack (dog)

Portrayed by: Tim Roth


Heathcliff wasn't born in Dornie. At least, he doesn't know where he was born but he's pretty sure it wasn't in Dornie. On the road somewhere, more likely – the trading (thieving) caravan he was a part of was assimilated into the settlement when he was 12 and he was set to work cleaning factory machinery after operational hours and occasionally during them. He was taught how to have hygiene and some rudimentary reading and the “right” way to speak and eat and follow directions.

Prior to that there isn't much worth mentioning; he was the runt of his already runty litter, food sparse enough that the absence of it likely contributed to his stature. Mum and supposed dad alike slapped him around when he deserved it, and also when he didn't. Often, either way. Most of his pack, including his parents, got sick and died during their first winter in Dornie and he wasn't terribly affected. He might have surviving siblings but it's been so long he might not recognize them if he saw them. They were all sort've split up and put to work in different places early on and he didn't get along with any of them anyway. Life was very grey.

He already had some skills as a pick pocket and it wasn't long before he put them to use, pilfering empty cartridge casings and primers and even gunpowder, once he'd had time to think of ways to walk it out the door. Fencing it off caught the attention of local criminal elements and he began stealing based on small grocery lists of desired materials. He was 15 before he was caught and slung out onto the street, but 15 and bored and angry with 3 years of cultivating criminal contacts already under his belt.

He was taken up into a smallish under-the-radar gang of traveling bandits as a sneak thief and minor muscle outside of town, where he was forced to refine his fighting and observational skills or else. Survival of the fittest whittled down to just the survival part. He was picked on and given crap assignments and likely raped a bit. Life is hard. But as time passed he lived on to get older and wirier and meaner and began to politic behind unwary backs, once he realized that he had something of a cognitive advantage over current leadership and had accumulated enough street cred to have sway. Real profit isn't in the act of theft itself, he reasoned: it's in the business of negotiation and fear mongering.

He mutinied at age 20 and splintered off a faction of the group for himself to work mostly upon Dornie – four men remaining after he shot the one who made a whiny fuss after a week or so spent in the woods with low supplies. They didn't eat him (unsanitary!!) but there was more to go around without him anyway. Wary relations were kept up with the main group and he began to cement connections within the settlement of Dornie that had only been loose associations before, hammering out deals with less scrupulous businessmen to chomp on the competition and as years passed, eventually even dirty militia men came to him for fun and profit. Before the decade was out, he'd managed to make an almost theatrical recurring villain of himself.


Unfortunately, unlike most stereotypical story time villains who have a sympathetic ~softer side~ he came into it by being a piece of shit to begin with and so persists as a risky bet and valid threat if anything goes wrong enough for him to shake the bit and burn the script.

He can be relied upon to pull a job. He can also be relied upon to throw a tantrum and make a mess and kill people or set something on fire where he was asked not to if he's disrespected, swindled or otherwise under-appreciated. This is less likely to happen with more intimidating connections because they might be capable of giving him valid reason to fear for his life, but he is foul and conniving enough that mmmost try to avoid pushing him too far lest they wake up with him sitting on their chest. He is maybe the best option available to cause trouble consistently but there's also an acknowledgment that there will be collateral damage with little provocation.

Accordingly, the best way to avoid disaster is generally to avoid giving him too much responsibility: he has a pretty nasty reputation but in reality isn't constantly going out and burning businesses down or taking hostages. A break-in here, some teeth smashed out over there, the occasional throat slit or hand broken or brat kidnapped and held for ransom. A fair portion of his profit comes from being paid not to do things or to do things at a certain time and the rest is theft or debt collecting. Nobody wants to see him on their doorstep but he isn't a “significant” enough threat that it would be worth the resources to hunt him down and exterminate him. Especially not while he's in good with the right people in the right places.


Cold shit on a stick out to get his, a self-defined criminal in a post-apocalyptic world without formal law or order. He has his wits and giant brass balls to keep him alive AND THAT IS ALL. Wits and balls and a lot of guns. Wits and balls and guns and possibly contracts designed to remind Dornie exactly how bad things can be without civilized law enforcement.

Heathcliff likes drugs and money and making people beg and fighting. He isn't all that intelligent (education minimal – he can't read well and is too prideful to have someone teach him at this stage in life) but he is canny and canniness goes a long way in a sink or swim kind of society. He's a decent actor and manipulator – more often lately than he'd like to be where bite is ultimately more gratifying to him than bark. Managing both is obviously optimal.

He has a sense of humor about everything but himself and attitude to spare. Exudes little man syndrome. Short-fused, self-important, name-calling, violent, sneering, spittle-flecked temper with a goat that's easily gotten, but business-savvy enough to be capable of holding his tongue to keep from having it cut out. Pirate-like philosophy of leadership when he has bodies to lead – he doesn't micromanage but murders the shit out of anyone who makes a power play (or egregious error) swiftly and publicly.

Lack of education and close relationship with the wild weirdness outside of Dornie mean that he is superstitious, if not particularly religious. He is easily spooked by ghosts and the like. They do not actually have to be there for him to be spooked by them.

It's worth noting that he's not a psychopath and can be shamed, frightened and negotiated with. He's not big on rape or killing kids and he likes his doggy and his doggy likes him. Additionally, occasionally boredom with political villainy gets the better of him and he can be convinced to bend or back stab or desert for his own entertainment a good cause.