Helen Rowntree

The daughter of a French merchant, Helen grew up in the relative comfort of a small but secure settlement on the Opal Coast that thrived thanks to her father's business, which included the import of firearms and ammunition from Dornie. When she was old enough, she began accompanying him on his trips to Scotland, and fell not only in love with the land, but in love with the son of her father's business contact. She hasn't left it since.

Although slower to anger than her husband, it's from Helen that her eldest son inherited his temper, and when Helen makes enemies or holds grudges, it's often for life. The rest of the time, she views the unpleasantness associated with Marcus' business and Duncan's militia as an unfortunate necessity, and although she pities the people who are hurt by it, she does not extend her hand to help them, seeing it as the responsibility of the strong to dominate the weak.

She is brutally honest about all matters with the exception of her younger son, Duncan, whose father is in fact Adler Ross.


Full Name: Helen Rowntree (née Delacroix)
Age: 57
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Status: Alive
Occupation: Arms Dealer
Origin: The Opal Coast, France
Allegiance: Clan Rowntree

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Portrayed by: Anjelica Huston