Jacob Blake Greene

A man who has grown up within the community, in a family of soldiers and mercenaries. A bad run in with a dragon maimed his leg and changed his lot in life. Taking to drinking and after marrying a woman just to secure his place in the fishing trade, he uses his position as a fishing boat captain to do more then just supply Dornie with the ocean's bounty.

There may be more then you think in the hull of that ship.


Full Name: Jacob Blake Greene
Age: 39
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

Status: Alive
Occupation: Shady Captain of 'The Lady'
Origin: Dornie, Scotland
Allegiance: Independent

First Seen: Not of Valor or Glory
Last Seen: N/A

Description: This is a tall man with a noticeable limp in his left leg, like a harsh hitch in his step. As if his knee and hip don’t want to fully function as it’s suppose too. He's long of face, with skin weathered from time at sea. There seems almost a permanent crease of his brow and a squint to his green eyes. His gray-touched brown hair is long, brushing the collar of whatever he's wearing and a bit lanky. Bits of the chin length bangs will often fall in front of his eyes. It's also rather rare to ever seen him unshaven, but he keeps the scruff of his beard shaved close.

His clothing will change often, from knit sweaters and loose shirts to leather jerkins. His pants are often made of well worn leather. His footwear is often boots that have a few holes, or if he's at sea it's not unusual for him to go bare foot.


  • Marius Greene -father
  • Fancy Greene - mother
  • 2 Older Siblings (Wanna be one?)
  • 3 Younger Siblings (Wanna be one?)
  • Molly MacDonnely (d.) - wife
  • Child (d. stillborn) - son

Portrayed by: Sean Bean


Jacob Green was born to a family of soldiers and mercenaries that resided there in Dornie, most of them working for the Rowentree family. They go where the pay is best. He was the middle child with two older and eventually 3 younger siblings. He grew up with his father going on about how soldiering was a 'worthy' profession. One to have pride in. With these kinds of words and stories of glory, it wasn't surprising that he was given a wooden sword as soon as he could walk. Even as a little boy he flailed at the bushes or chased around a cat or dog that would get in his path.

So in a sense he grew up learning the family business and became a soldier/mercenary as most of his family. Brought into to work for the Rowentree clan as well. He looked forward to patrols or at least in the beginning. Head full of stories, the reality of it all was much more harsh and sobering. There was nothing pretty about killing families and children for what they carry in their carts. Still he did as he was told, seeing it a better profession then many. Not to mention it was nice getting a cut of the goods.

It was on one of these patrols that his life changed. There had been talk of caravans and all were looking forward to new plunder. Jacob remembers a roar, the squeal of his horse and pain. But the fevers that came afterward stripped him of his memory of the attack. His leg was maimed and the bones broken in several places. They tell him it was a young dragon that attacked him, going for his horse. He doesn’t remember. Thanks to the attack, he found sitting a horse or being nimble enough for battle was too difficult, his knee seemed almost locked in place. It bent only a little and his hip flared with pain if he sat astride a horse too long. So he was put out of service. He was useless. He has a heavily scarred and nearly unusable leg to remind him.

He was ready to fall into despair — what could a man like him do? — when he was given a job offer by Ryan MacDonnely, one of the more prominent fishermen in the community. Even if it ached something fierce during rough weather, the old coot that wouldn't let Jacob use his bad leg as an excuse. It allowed Jacob to get more mobility from his leg. Like with any injury like that, the more you work it the more mobility you get. If your stationary the muscles start to seize up.

It wasn't a soldier's life, but there was something to be said about what a man could get in trade of rarer fish and shelled creatures. It was a good enough living that he saw an opportunity in the fact that the old captain had a daughter. Ryan MacDonnely's heath had been starting to fail for sometime and he had no real heir. Molly MacDonnely was a delicate thing and his only child. She was rather prone to illness, much like her mother who died a few years after giving birth to her. She never recovered from the birth. He saw Molly as an in, so he courted her and won her hand. She loved him dearly… he could not say the same. He played the part just enough that her father agreed to the marriage.

With that, MacDonnely took him under his wing and started to condition him to take over the boat when he died.

Molly was sick often and the healers told her often that her body could not take pregnancy, but she wanted a baby of her own badly. Jacob never discourage her. He knows he should of like a good and loving husband, but he never did. She was pregnant twice. First time she got very ill and lost the child to the illness. The second she managed to live long enough to deliver a son, but he was stillborn. It devastated her and Jacob would tell you she lost the will to live then. In truth is was severe blood loss.

Jacob feels guilt for having let her get pregnant in the first place, which might be why he drinks more then he had been.

Between the two pregnancies, the old captain died. For a week he had been complaining of chest pains and at times seemed too weak to work, wasn’t the first time, but this time the healers said his poor old heart just finally gave out that day. This left Jacob a nice inheritance and suddenly with more opportunity then he had working under the old coot. Now that he owned the boat, he was approached with some rather unsavory tasks from old colleagues. It was only going to be one time, but as the years went by he was asked to sink this thing or that, asked to run something to this other settlement or even sneak things in under the radar. He'll do it for you at the right price.


A rather quiet man for the most part. Maybe a bit bitter about his inability to serve his part anymore as a soldier. Very aware of the people and things around him. He tries to keep himself out of the politics of everything. Nothing but trouble, but still has a way of dragging him in. He feels he's ready to keep to a quiet life, rather then cutting down people, but there are times he misses it. May even in a way resent the people that can still go into battle like that. Not that he'd show it much. Doesn't mean he won't help if needed, if he has too. His leg gives him a disadvantage in any fight, but it doesn't keep him from defending himself and what he sees as his. He can still wield a crossbow at least.

He's a man that can be loyal to his friends and family, but he's also motivated to loyalty by what is offered to him. Meaning, for the right bribe, he's not above sinking something (bodies, evidence anyone?) or taking side trips to smuggle this or that. He's even known to run a letter to another settlement. He keeps a loyal crew, he knows them all well. For sure anyone that betrays his trust has ended up 'missing in a squall'.

The sea is a harsh mistress after all.

Deep down he's a man wracked by guilt, which might account for the amount of drinking he does. It and the bitterness he feels for not being a soldier anymore. Some would say he's a functioning drunk at times, or at least appears it as it's not unusual for him to take a sip from a flask that he keeps tucked in a pocket.

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