Graziella Gaetano

Graziella Gaetano, of Sicilian origin, is one of the youngest girls at the Dovetail whose English is not perfect but reflects an effort to adapt to Dornie's culture after only two years of living in Scotland. She is known for her playful temper and a quiet mischievous streak that is as entirely harmless as she is.


Full Name: Graziella Gaetano
Age: 19
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

Status: Alive
Occupation: Prostitute
Origin: Sicily, Italy
Allegiance: Independent

First Seen: I'll Give You A Nickel...
Last Seen:


A petite young woman with glossy dark hair and smooth skin leaning more toward an olive hue, Graziella has elegant, exotic features with a delicate nose and high cheekbones. Her figure is a slender, willowy one, and she moves with an easy grace about her. Far from imposing, her height is most definitely on the short side as she barely stands five feet tall. Her almond-shaped green eyes are quite expressive, easily betraying her mood - for better or for worse. Smiles come quite easily to her.


  • Dario Gaetano - father
  • Amadora Gaetano † - mother
  • Alessandro Gaetano - older brother
  • Caesar Gaetano - older brother
  • Leone Gaetano - older brother
  • Paolo Gaetano - older brother

Portrayed by: Kristen Kreuk


The youngest and only daughter of a Sicilian merchant who instructed his wife to only bear him sons, Graziella Gaetano's fate was sealed when she was still and infant and her mother died of tuberculosis. Graziella's father, who had no interest in raising a girl, hired one of his maids to bring up the girl, hoping that he might marry her off as soon as she was old enough and should any of his business associates have sons who showed an interest. As a result, she grew up in a household where her father's staff cared more for her than her own family, and although her older brothers were kind and never mistreated her, they were reared on their father's misogyny and regarded her as more of a cherished pet than a real sibling. Although she was taught how to read and write, Graziella took little interest in academics of any kind, and studied instead the cultivation of flowers and other plants grown in the family's garden. Her father, in small gesture of affection during a time when he was missing his late wife, gifted her the aviary that was once her mother, and had it populated with colourful tropical birds.

Graziella approached her teens, her father developed a fondness for gambling that gradually transformed into an addiction despite the best efforts of his eldest sons to intervene and manage the family's wealth on his behalf. The Gaetano estate fell into ruin and the brothers were forced to sell most of the family's possessions, including their horses, Graziella's beloved avian menagerie, and all of her mother's jewelry. When it came time to relieve their house staff, the maid who had looked after Graziella begged her father to let her take the girl with her, and although he took her request into consideration, he decided to keep Graziella close.

It was a decision that would save his life.

Grazia enjoying the sun.

When Graziella was fifteen, her father incurred a massive debt to Scottish trader Lucien Bassingthwaighte during a binge of drinking and gambling, which he and his sons settled by giving Graziella to Bassingthwaighte. The decision was not easy for the Gaetanos to make, and Graziella's brothers justified their choice by telling those who questioned them that their sister had a better chance at life with someone like Bassingthwaighte than she did with her own family, but the exchange ultimately destroyed what little reputation they and their father had left.

Bassingthwaighte brought Graziella back to Dornie and traded her to the Dovetail, assuring Madame Edme that the girl's sensitive nature and sweet disposition made her a good fit for the brothel. He was correct; for the first time in her life, Graziella had a family, and delighted in calling the other Dovetail girls her sisters after overcoming her initial shyness, and although she encountered some small degree of difficulty at first when it came to being sexually intimate with Edme's customers, she came to enjoy her work. Feeling loved and desirable by the Dovetail's male clientele was a drastic change from the environment she grew up in, and in Dornie Graziella flourished.


When Graziella tells people the story of how she came to Dornie, the reaction is often one of sympathy, and this is something that makes her laugh — although she was never unhappy in Sicily, her life and relationships have greatly improved. She does not view the transaction made by her family as enslavement, but rather liberation from a depressing situation that would have only gotten worse if she had stayed with her father and brothers.

Not yet twenty, Graziella still has the emotional maturity of a child; she laughs as easily as she cries and sulks when she does not get her way, but is also quick to forgive slights and transgressions as long as they aren't serious. (And even when they are, she finds it almost impossible to hold a grudge for very long.) Combined with her exotic looks and unusual accent, Graziella's free expression make her a popular choice at her place of work for men who come to the Dovetail seeking both physical and emotional closeness — she dotes on her clients and shows genuine affection for return customers who take the time to get to know her and appreciate her for more than just the services she offers. This said, she holds nothing against men who are only interested in having a physical relationship with her; if Graziella did not enjoy having sex with multiple partners, she would not have stayed at the Dovetail, for Madame Edme has made it clear that she can leave at any time and would not have much difficulty finding work elsewhere if she so desired.

Graziella has been described by some as "sweet but not very bright" — the truth of the matter is that she is of average intelligence, but has only a passing interest in intellectual discourse of any kind. She prefers to express thoughts and ideas with her body instead of words, and her tendency to extend her friendship to anyone and everyone is sometimes seen even by those close to her as juvenile and more than a little naive. It would be easy to take advantage of her kindness, but those who might try to have Madame Edme and Graziella's "sisters" to contend with, and so most opportunists end up looking elsewhere.