Edme Hare

Currently known as Madame Edme, owner of the brothel Dovetail, it's those of the slightly older generation that know she is also Edme Hare, the last— supposedly— of her own clan. During the assassination attempt on Clan Hare twenty years ago, Edme was taken as a hostage when her sister-in-law managed to escape. Before Leslie Hare would have a chance of knowing what had become of her, Edme escaped thanks to talents that had formerly been kept a secret.

She remained in hiding for some time with the help of a few friends, and managed to inspire propaganda through the wider merchant network and silent support for her. So when it came time to confront the Rowntrees, they knew about it. Politically unwise to assassinate the girl on the spot, especially when she pledged her loyalty, they allowed her to live. Helen even gave her the brothel to run and manage, which was half-insult, half-reward, as it did earn good trade. She took it, feeling like if anything, she could make a difference in the lives of the women that work there.

Edme has managed the Dovetail for the better part of a decade, now, and has never desired to do any more politicking again, holding a genuine belief that the Rowntrees and Rosses know what they're doing. But, of course, family is family, and her allegiance lies with her dead kin… and the ones left alive.


Full Name: Edme Hare
Age: 43
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Status: Alive
Occupation: Brothel madame of the Dovetail
Origin: Dornie, Scotland
Allegiance: Clan Hare

First Seen:
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  • Cassandra Hare - niece
  • Ashley Hare - nephew
  • Emily Hare † - niece
  • Liam Hare † - nephew
  • Christian Hare † - nephew
  • Hamish Hare † - brother
  • Leslie Hare † - sister-in-law

Portrayed by: Juliette Binoche




Edme's familiar spirit shifts her form rather than staying consistent, and is seen most regularly as a doe or a badger, and rarely but quite memorably, a bear. Her name is Mercury.

Edme's power has something to do with barriers — generally, she can open locked doors without keys and escape restraints. There may be more to it, there may not be.