Edgar Ross

At the heart of political turmoil and happy to be there, Edgar Ross is the self-assured only child of Clan Ross and enjoys reaping the benefits of his father's wealth and his mother's cunning with as little effort as possible. He is charismatic and generally likable, and is the man merchants and property owners come to when they wish to cut a deal to do with the electrical output of the Ross's hydropower plant.

His wife is Goneril, a political marriage that he was initially reluctant to fulfill, if only to be contrary, but has come to appreciate because it has produced him a beautiful little princess whom he loves to charm and mean the world to, and a wife who doesn't seem to mind if he doesn't love her all that much.


Full Name: Edgar Ross
Age: 36
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown

Status: Alive
Occupation: Tradesman
Origin: Dornie, Scotland
Allegiance: Clan Ross

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Portrayed by: James Purefoy