Dina Ross

Dina Ross is the matriarch of the Ross Clan, and a self-styled philanthropist who uses her family's power and wealth to make better the lives of Dornie's people. Although she helps her husband and son manage the settlement's hydroelectric plant, she devotes most of her time to her personal projects, which include overseeing the local schoolhouse, developing an effective water filtration system for Dornie, and gradually expanding the plant's power grid so that everyone will eventually have access to electricity. She would have made a valuable ally for the Hare Clan if she hadn't only developed this philosophy in recent years.

As a mage, she uses her gift to ensure her husband continues to function in spite of his dementia. Without her, he would lose his cognitive abilities — a threat she uses to keep him in line and get what she wants when the two have serious disagreements where Dina doesn't believe that compromise is an option. She is aware of his one-time affair with Helen Rowntree and that Duncan is the result of it, but has chosen to keep this knowledge to herself.


Full Name: Dina Ross (née Fairfax)
Age: 54
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Status: Alive
Occupation: Philanthropist
Origin: Wales, United Kingdom
Allegiance: Clan Ross

First Seen:
Last Seen:

A woman who prides herself and knows the value of a first impression or for that matter any impression, when in public, the older woman looks impeccably put together. Favouring skirts over pants, soft blouses and wraps, fabrics that are well sewn, have some embellishment and are at times, not so practical. Her hair has been rumored to have at one time, been seen down, but no one really could say when and where. Normally thought, it’s up, pinned back in somewhat ornate styles. Time have been good to her, the lines with age only hitting her around her mouth and corners of her eyes.


Portrayed by: Miranda Richardson


Dina as she is today, was not always as Dina is these days.

Years ago, The Fairfax family came to Dornie. Not by force of it's residents, but by choice from Wales, intent on settling in a safer place where one can raise their children and not worry about the dangers that lurk outside the walls or fear. Little then was it known that by doing so, the fortunes of the family would be greatly improved by one of the very things that brought them to Dornie.

Dina was a mage. Very hard to hide a thing when you have a familiar around with you and you need to wear gloves lest someone accidentally catch a bad case of amnesia. Such a shame that.

It was this ability - the nature of it - that brought the 16 year old to the attention of Adler Ross, and began the wooing that consisted of small gifts and affection that eventually lead to marriage between the two of them when she was 17. He wanted her for the possibility of being able to ward off, if not possibly find a cure in her ability to the dementia that his father had succumbed to, should it start to happen to him. We all want to be wanted.

Within the first year of marriage was the arrival of Edgar not long after after a long arduous birthing.

He would be their only child, no other coming of their relationship as the years went on - She was oblivious to Adlers fling with Helen - and she grew comfortable in her position as the eventual matriarch of one of the two major families of Dornie. She enjoyed the privileges that came with it, the finer things in life that being married to the owner of the local power plant brought with it. Electricity, the few books that her husband scavenged and paid pretty pennies for, clothing that wasn't always on the practical side and if it was, it would have a touch of embroidery or color that one would be hard pressed to possess if they were not well off.

Already a bit of a vain creature, she took pride in attempting to set an example for how one should act, an interest in the hydro plant and helping adler to ensure that there would be a legacy to pass down to their son - and a firm base of power for him too.

Life was good, position in the community meaning wealth. Control over her magic was honed, used for the benefit of their family and her own memory an asset when it came to the business that made her and Adler an impeccable and daunting team when they didn't butt heads. Those days, she wasn't so much the philanthropist so much as in it for the family. Loyalty and family were and are big. The elimination of Clan Hare, while she had no direct hand in it, she did make her support of the decision clear.

But things happen, time changes people, dementia has a way of getting in the way and while she never deliberately used her ability on Adler to get what she wanted, or to learn something, when she used her mage ability to delay and manage the Dementia that Adler so feared, she caught whiff of her husbands indiscretion.

There's something to be said, for a womans ego, especially when she really did love him.

Somewhere after that, the balances in the marriage started to shift. Gone was the woman who generally agreed with Adler and when she didn't, acquiesced to the man. The first time she threatened to withhold renewing the charm that she laid across him every few weeks in order to get what she wanted, she felt bad. But would remind herself that somewhere in the town, was a young man named Duncan who was not birthed by herself. Their marriage whie publicly looked fine, privately, had very shakey supports. Cracks in the foundation.

And she got away with it, repeatedly. It was about then that she became more philanthropic. A reason to this being that should Adler think to try something, oust her, try and turn her out - one never quite knows with him despite her grip on the very thing that stands between him and the Rowentree's perhaps taking a run at making them the next Clan Hare - She would at least, have the people in the town at her back.

With that purpose - In part as well to her granddaughter who looked up to her - She threw herself into helping improve the hydroplant, better the school to ensure at least that those who passed through it's doors would have a chance to read, write, perhaps find in them the future of Dornie and ensure it's continued success. Electricity too - scavenged from the few books that Adler has and a idea/desire to see that everyone has electricity like they do. By investing in the populace, investing in the people, they would only better Dornie.

And so she carries on. Renewing her Husbands memory when the effects of her magic start to fade - usually with no ultimatum directly - Sticking her hands into the pot, being the benevolent matriarch of Clan Ross and doing her best to ensure their legacy, name and Dornie.


Dina is a kind individual who can be stern when the situation demand its. She also has a keen eye for what is needed in the community and what can be done and needs to be done to fix it. She's a softspoken woman, who's not afraid to crack a whip if it means that the job will get done, nor doing what needs to be done, even if the process to achieve it is not a tasteful one. She also isn't above using a spoonful of sugar in lieu of the whip if it will be provide an easier and more favourable result.

She dotes on her son and her grandchild, favouring them above others and inclined to bend the rules for them if it will make them happy - but not break them. She keeps her own husband at a slight distance, given her recent discovery about Duncan and the night with the head of the Rowentree Clan and while in public they provide a unified face to ensure that there is no threat to their family, in private, she and he may still share the same bed but the love she's felt for him has started to cool. That and she's not above being stubborn and using the threat of witholding her ability to get what she wants or a compromise when she feels that it's in her best interest or that of Dornie. This is not something done often, but it's often enough.


Dina Ross' gift gives her power over memory and allows her to, with a touch, enter the minds of others and relive their experiences as an outside observer — more than forty years of practice has made her quite competent with this ability, but she cannot use it without the other party's consent. She may also alter or suppress memories, as well as create them from nothing, but the creation of memories takes much time, effort and commitment, as it is essentially the same thing as creating a piece of artwork where attention to detail is more important than style or flair.

Her influence is not only limited to people. By touching an object, Dina becomes aware of its past history, giving her valuable insight into the object itself as well as, although to a lesser extent, the object's previous owners. The more emotional memories there are associated with an object, the easier it is for Dina to gain access to those memories — in cases where there is an extremely strong emotional memory attached, Dina risks losing control over what she sees upon touching the object, and in her younger years wore gloves to protect herself from unwanted visions, but in her middle-age prefers to instead be more careful about what she touches.

Greets-The-Sun is the name of her familiar and usually tends to be in one of two forms if and when 'He' is seen. Inside, tends to take to the shape of a wood mouse, soft in fur and tucked into pockets or under collars if not scurrying around in her wake. Out of doors, he trends towards birds - Northern Lapwing and perched not far from her, occasionally an owl though will go so far as to change forms that suit the situation or circumstance..