Isabelle d'Sadonne

A rising star in the Marsailles chapter of the Hermetic Order, Isabelle d'Sadonne is the youngest mage in its history to hold the post of Magus Quintus, a seat in the Inner Circle typically reserved for those with visibly blooming talent. Canny, clever and all-too aware of the expectations that come along with her unique honor, d'Sadonne does not lack for ambition. She has every intent of proving - nay, exceeding - the confidence placed in her.


Full Name: Isabelle d'Sadonne
Age: 32
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue

Status: Alive
Occupation: Magus Quintus of the Inner Circle
Origin: Sadonne, France (French Algerian)
Allegiance: l'Ordre Hermétique

First Seen: Terre Ferme
Last Seen: None

Make no mistake, you are looking at a dangerous woman. Very little about her outward appearance could convey this pressing fact. She would be judged, by most accounts, something of a beauty, provided one favors a fair complexion, and is unbothered by what freckles blemish it. Her eyes are a cool shade of blue that can, as the ocean's, take on a greenish tinge in the right light. Her hair is red enough to put aspiring auburns to shame, framing features so fine that they seem almost preternaturally youthful. It is difficult to imagine her in old age. It is difficult even to imagine her aging.

Therein lies one of the few outwards hints of danger. Because however young she may appear, there is nothing remotely girlish about her bearing, not with the authority she draws about herself like a mantel. Despite appearances and misapprehensions, she's taken her first steps into womanhood, and with them all the ambition proper to a woman of her power and presence. For she has both, or lays claim to both, with an adamance that makes it difficult to imagine her bowing even to death. It is difficult even to imagine her dying.


  • Geneva d'Sadonne † - Mother
  • Ishaq Talib † - Father

Portrayed by: Bryce Dallas Howard


Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

Isabelle d'Sadonne is an alleged descendent of the family that laid claim to the Sadonne region in France, where she was born. Her retainer, René Pontillier, is also a native of Sadonne and was a knight in the service of le noble maison d'Sadonne until his death and subsequent resurrection.

It is likely that her early life was one of considerable privilege, and - indeed - she affects nobility despite the lack of any official seal, estate or holdings. At some point her primary station became that of Magus in the Hermetic Order, though she must have already shed her worldly claims when she assumed the rank of Adept.

The circumstances around her initial encounter with the Order and her relinquishing the d'Sadonne holdings remain unknown. Some mysteries are not for the uninitiated.


Hommes pens' - sa' donne. — Menfolk think - womenfolk know.


Mlle. d'Sadonne is blessed with an uncommonly powerful magical talent: metempsychosis. Gifted with the ability to channel raw spiritual energy, through practice and study d'Sadonne has developed rituals by which whole living souls can be pulled up by their roots and transplanted - though the process is often violent, painful and may have lasting consequences for the soul in question. Direct contact is usually required, at least for cruder, simpler applications, and in this regard her ability can serve as a last ditch defense in close quarters. A firm grip and twist to someone's spirit generally stops them in their tracks.

Through the use of ritual, rote, recitation and relic, d'Sadonne can expand the scope, range, and usefulness of this power - much of her time with the Hermetic Order has been spent in just such expansion. When collaborating with other mages, or calling upon external forces to assist her, d'Sadonne can turn her talent to a frighteningly diverse set of applications, many of which might recall dated opinions about 'black' magic and so-called 'necromancy'.

Her familiar, Prochaine-dormir-à-Sekhmet, favors the ancient and mystical dignity of the feline form, and when circumstance demands a shift, tends to choose other shapes with long symbolic histories, particularly those favored by her Order's divine patrons: owl, serpent, hunting dog, tortoise, rooster. It's name means 'Sleeping next to Sekhmet'.

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