Cordelia Ross

Daughter of Edgar and Goneril Ross, and eventual heir to the Ross family's hydroelectric plant, Cordelia Ross takes after her grandmother more than she does her mother. Cordie, as she likes to be called, aspires to become a humanitarian instead of a tradeswoman, though Dina has promised her that she can one day be both if she chooses.

When Cordie turned fifteen, Goneril convinced her elder brother's wife, Aislinn, to take the girl on as an assistant in an attempt to make Cordie understand that helping other people isn't always pleasant. Aislinn agreed, and although Goneril is right — the work sometimes leaves her sobbing into her pillow at night — Cordie hasn't been dissuaded from walking the righteous path. Yet.


Full Name: Cordelia Ross
Age: 16
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown

Status: Alive
Occupation: Physician's Assistant
Origin: Dornie, Scotland
Allegiance: Clan Ross

First Seen:
Last Seen:

Description: A pale oval face creates a stark contrast for glossy sable hair and sparkling dark eyes — easily the most striking features for the teenage girl. Her hair is usually a bit of a mess, as if the winds conspire against her. Wispy strands evade her control when she pulls it back for work; if she is not working, it is usually allowed its freedom instead of trying to defeat its will. Her mouth and nose, a touch on the wide side; these, and the deep dimples that appear when she smiles tend to give this girl a countenance that is more sweet and expressive than what might be considered traditionally beautiful.

In her mid teens, she is still growing; at 5’2”, she is yet a little boyish in figure, and her clothing choices are more practical than feminine — trousers and boots, jackets and sweaters serve her purpose well enough on most days. It’s a rare day to find her in anything with a skirt.


Portrayed by: Lina Leandersson


The product of a political marriage tying the two most influential families of Dornie together, Cordelia Ross has led a life that would be seen by most as privileged and “easy,” though only those who come from families of power would know that isn’t always the case.

Of course, she has had it easier than many. Being both a Ross and a Rowntree means having the luxuries that others do not, both physically and emotionally. Cordelia was adored by both of her parents from the beginning. While she might have run the risk of being spoiled by her father, her mother was stricter, though still devoted; Goneril was more capable than her husband of catering to Cordie’s every whim, and instead made sure that the child’s needs were met, rather than simply her wants.

The result was that Cordie became a bit of a “Daddy’s Girl,” and would go to Edgar first for anything Goneril might say no to, but that her mother has earned her respect — even when they disagree.

The most significant of such disagreements involves Cordelia’s future plans. Despite being the eventual heir to the hydropower plant, Cordie showed little desire to learn a trade, shaking off her mother’s attempts to teach her more than the basics of mechanics that Goneril insisted on.

She spoke instead of her grandmother Dina’s philanthropy, seeing herself as setting off in her grandmother’s footsteps as a humanitarian. It was this ambition to become a humanitarian that led Goneril to help procure Cordie a position with Aislinn Rowntree as a physician’s assistant, to make the girl learn that humanitarianism can be as difficult a life’s path as a more “practical” trade.

Just starting in her apprenticeship, Cordelia struggles with the pain she sees on the job and often gets frustrated with her inability to do more. The new job seems to take its toll on her; there are days she comes home and refuses to speak about what she’s learned or what she’s seen. Time will tell if she is strong enough to continue.


Despite the fact that her indulgent father treats her like a “pretty princess,” Cordie doesn’t act like one. Born privileged and with family ties to both sides of the town’s most important clans, Cordie believes that people in power are responsible for those less fortunate. She is an altruistic soul at heart, believing in the best of people. Though such idealism might be a strength, it can also be her weakness: she tends to trust perhaps a bit too easily, and can get hurt when people do not live up to her expectations of them.

She also harbors a secret jealousy of the mages in her settlement, and especially those in her family, feeling that if she were gifted as they are, she could do more for the less fortunate. This leads her to be judgmental when she sees someone with a magical ability who misuses it or who chooses not to use it for the betterment of others.

When all is well, she is sweet and good humored, but she wears her heart on her sleeve, and if she is upset, prone to be a little childish (she is, after all, still a child). Those who anger or hurt her can expect to be given the silent treatment if they’re lucky, or a bit of a temper tantrum if they are not.

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