Constance Rowntree

One of Duncan Rowntree's children, and the female half of a set of twins, Constance Rowntree is known mostly for a sunny disposition, one that continued strong even after her mother died giving birth to little sister Celia. Which doesn't mean it didn't wound her — it did in ways that others don't see, as Constance is a fairly talented actress. Except when she is on stage, and though she often is, she is not one of the best actresses that Dornie has to offer. But it is her passion, ever since she got the part of Lady Sunshine in the children's summer festivities when she was six years old. Those who know her best would say that her ambitions are a left over tendency to always need to be the center of attention.

And maybe she does, because her twin brother, Peter, is a mage, while she isn't, and there's always been the lingering notion that he gets all the attention because of it and doesn't even need to try. They do get along, however — she can even speak to his familiar spirit, an unprecedented talent for someone with no magical ability.


Full Name: Constance Rowntree
Age: 16
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Status: Alive
Occupation: Actress
Origin: Dornie, Scotland
Allegiance: Clan Rowntree

First Seen: Mirror Mirror
Last Seen:

Description: With pale gold hair, blue eyes, and a clear complexion, her appearance is something Constance takes great pride in. Her hair is neatly kept and usually in order and has a way of staying such even when the wind decides to tug at it. Her features are smooth and rounded but defined: a soft blend of both her mother’s soft looks and her father’s strong ones.

Constance is rarely seen wearing pants unless absolutely necessary, much preferring to dress in skirts and blouses and frequenting dresses that billow in the wind. Her 5’5” height gives her some length to her legs that she’s just growing into, her newly developed height still hinting at more to come as she grows.


Portrayed by: Romola Garai


Constance Rowntree was born a mere six minutes after her twin brother, Peter. From the start she was the more vocal of the pair and as she grew older she was more than content to be the one speaking for them both. Bright and airy in demeanor, the benefits of living as a child in one of the prominent clans of Dornie meant she had little to worry about and could be carefree.

Life wasn’t always to be carefree for Constance, however. When her little sister, Celia, was born it was shadowed by the death of their mother. The tragedy of her mother’s death was a searing blow to Constance who had never really experienced loss of any kind before. Seeing the reactions of her brother and father, as well as the new presence of a sister were key elements that propelled her back to her former disposition. Whatever pain she might have felt was kept in check as she attempted to be uplifting to the rest of her family. She would be her namesake: a constant that they could rely on and someone with whom spirits were brightened.

While it was her acting that kept things from being too tumultuous at home, it was also what brought her joy outside of it. At the tender age of six she was given the role of Lady Sunshine in the children’s summer festivities, a role that she soon discovered warranted attention. The joy of having all eyes on her and applause of approval was a feeling she wouldn’t soon forget. It fueled her from then on as a means of attention and affection. She could get love from a happy audience and their focus—for at least the duration of the performance.

More recently, Constance has been working on honing her acting skills both on and off the stage. She takes much delight in creating “characters” to pretend to be with people who don’t know her personally or are new to Dornie. She has also taken to being much more social than normal and asking plenty of questions to people she meets—for “character research”, as she would put it. This research also tends to more frequently be extended towards boys. All for the furthering of the arts, of course!


Constance is, at heart, a genuinely sweet and caring young woman. Though intelligent and not entirely naive, she has an unrealistic view of the world—entirely by her own choosing. She prefers to see the world in lighter shades and attempts to make others view it as well. It comes easily to her as long as tragedy never hits too close to home.

While she might be amiable and compassionate, she is also very flawed. She does not believe the world revolves around her, nor does she want it to, but she still has an insatiable need for attention. Usually she makes do with her acting for that attention, but she also takes great care of her appearance to gain it and often wonders what others might think of her. She has a tendency towards selfishness and occasionally has a bit of an ego. She takes great delight in making people think about her and enjoys flirting—thankfully, most of it being entirely innocent.

When it comes to raw emotions such as sadness or anger, she is very private about it and shares it with very few—mostly just Peter. She cares deeply for her twin brother and would share just about anything with him. If something were bothering Constance, Peter would be the first to know. Her father is one of the few others who can push past her acting and gain access to her true emotions. When it comes to her younger sister, however, she stays a little closed off, wanting to be sure that her sister always gets to see the best in her.

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