Cassandra Hare

Cassandra Hare is a strong-willed young woman whose family was murdered before she was born due to disagreements between her parents and the other ruling families of Dornie about how the settlement should be run. Her pregnant mother and her older brother Ashley were spirited away to France where Cassandra was born and raised as a part of the household where her mother was able to find work as a teacher for the family's own children. She has returned to Dornie in her brother's company, and although she does not share his desire for revenge, she supports him in his efforts to reclaim the family's business and material wealth that is their birthright.

Her upbringing qualifies her to teach reading, writing, and basic arithmetic, but she is strongest with numbers like her late father who had been the Hare Clan's bookkeeper with a special talent for managing the family's funds.


Full Name: Cassandra Hare (alias: Cassandra Leveret)
Age: 19
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Status: Alive
Occupation: Nomad
Allegiance: Clan Hare

First Seen:
Last Seen:



  • Ashley Hare (brother)
  • Edme Hare (aunt)
  • Hamish Hare † (father)
  • Leslie Hare † (mother)
  • Emily Hare † (older sister)
  • Liam Hare † (older brother)
  • Christian Hare † (older brother)

Portrayed by: Marisa Ramirez